słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

twierdzenie po angielsku:

1. assertion

I don't agree with his assertion that men are safer drivers than women.
He was correct in his assertion that the minister had been lying.
I can prove my assertions
his confident assertion that he would win
to make an assertion that...
Fermat's mathematical assertion remained unconfirmed for over 350 years.
This general assertion is borne out across many studies
It is important to note that his assertion is groundless.
Nobody will believe his assertion that he is innocent.
An assertion isn't a proof.

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2. allegation

No evidence could ever be found to support the allegations.
Well, I don't know if the allegations are true
A lot of allegations have been made against this report
You're making a serious allegation. Do you have any proof?
Everybody allegation
This murder allegation is based on court documents which do not stand up.
No evidence could be found to support the allegations.
The allegations of ​corruption were not ​true.
It is a very serious allegation!
These allegations are completely unfounded.
Mr X has strongly denied the allegations of sexual harassment.
This allegation affected me more than anything
denial, substantiation of an allegation
to make allegations of police corruption
Several of her patients have made allegations of professional misconduct about/against her.

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3. contention

and my contention is, all kid have tremendous talents
The issue has been a bone of contention between him and me.
a bone of contention
There's a general contention that there is too much violence shown on TV.
Using the same work queue table for all types of nightly work queues can degrade processing throughput due to table contention
The statement which you brought up is not my contention.
Spread the table, and contention will cease.

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4. claim

He claimed that...
We want to claim damages. Lots of people claim to have seen alien space craft in the night sky, but we are still not sure if it's true.
One of our representatives will handle your claim.
The war claimed millions of lives. No terrorist attack in history had claimed so many lives.
I will be waiting for you at baggage claim.
The President cannot make clouds to rain and cannot make the corn to grow, he cannot make business good; although when these things occur, political parties do claim some credit for the good things that have happened in this way.
The incumbent's rival is taking issue with the claim that crime was reduced by 50% under the current administration.
The only reason why Ferdinand Magellan could claim to be the first man to sail across all of the world's meridians was because Christopher Columbus had chosen to swim.
American Indians have a fair historical right to claim they got a raw deal from the government.
The claim of community involvement is just window dressing; City Hall will do what it wants to anyhow.
. It's strange that he didn't claim anything for damages. (To dziwne, że on nie domagał się niczego za zniszczenia.) She claims half of my estate. (Ona rości sobie prawo do połowy mojego majątku.)
I claim that the truth will always be reveiled. And it will always defend.
An employee shall be entitled to make a claim for repair of damage caused by the employer.
My mother-in-law is a stubborn and claim person.
Poland has a claim to Germany because Germany to destroy Poland during Second World War. I have a claim from My friends.

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5. theorem

Many theorems have to be put into practice before they can be understood.
The final value theorem does not apply if the system is not stable.
That method's OK but if you use the factor theorem here ...
Obviously, the theorem is true for finite sets.
Now, we show how this lemma can be used to prove our main theorem.
Pythagoras' theorem allows you to calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle.

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6. statement

Execute statements
The man's statement to the pretty girl that he was a millionaire was all eye-wash.
His untimely statement has not only let the cat out of the bag but also upset the apple cart for the peace move.
After the summit, President Mitterand said that he dissociated himself from the statement.
That would be twenty-seven words instead of four, and while the bare message of the longer statement would be understood, the persuasive force would be lost.
Aristotle maintained that women have fewer teeth than men; although he was twice married, it never occurred to him to verify this statement by examining his wives' mouths.
If the statement is true, then we will have to accept the conclusion.
Her futuristic vision helped shape the company's mission statement.
Language is unique in that any statement must start out as the creation of an individual mind.
This ruling eventually made it illegal for celebrities to make false statements of fact in advertisements.
Which of the following statements best decribes one of the key principles of software testing?
An employee files a statement when he wants to be employed.
Our recent financial statement shows that we are doing quite well
If you want to check all your financial operations, please download your statement.
The President made a statement about the economic situation of his country. The company rep made a statement about the new policy.

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7. proposition

I am in favor of the proposition.
This isn't an unappealing proposition, is it?
I've got an attractive proposition for you.
He cast a vote for the proposition.
He put forward his proposition at the meeting.
Summarize the arguments against the proposition.
Their proposition is contrary to ours.
It's a job worth doing, but if I think about the working hours and the risk ... I could be onto a real losing proposition here.
All in favor of this proposition will please say Aye.
Er, well, I'd like to take a vote. Would people in favour of Mr Ogawa's proposition please raise their hands.
The result now follows from proposition 1.3.

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