słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

udogodnienia po angielsku:

1. facilities

Any member can make use of these facilities.
facilities for study
We provide various leisure facilities. (Udostępniamy różnorakie sprzęty wypoczynkowe.) We offer various facilities in our hotel.
All rooms have private facilities (=private bathroom and toilet).
Could you send me some information about your hotel facilities?
It is regrettable that few people should walk today because of the development of traffic facilities.
The lack of modern post facilities caused trouble for many shippers.
Career opportunities, flex-time, satellite offices, and more childcare facilities are required to make women at home join the work force.
After business came to a halt, many bathhouses added new facilities, such as saunas and exercise equipment, in an effort to attract customers.
The best way for adjusting the gap between the internal and the external price and securing economic growth is to promote the non-manufacturing industry's productivity by aggressive investing in facilities.
An international team is going to visit the new facilities
working and living facilities are second to none
In the hope of creating a pleasant working environment employees are provided with various leisure facilities at work.
they're required to be stored at high-secure facilities
This town has many facilities including a sports ground, two cinemas and a library.

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2. amenities

They lack even the most basic amenities.
Many of the houses lacked even basic amenities.
Urban families enjoy better amenities than rural ones.
Which amenities are nearby the house?
parks, shops, and other local amenities
having a new house with a white picket fence and a garden and with all the amenities and services
The hotel is in the city centre, close to shops and local amenities
Our hotel has all the amenities your supervisor requires.
The hotel owner intends to spend some more money on amenities.
We've got modern amenities like the elevato
the hotel amenities include...
the island lacks in amenities
recreational amenities
My house is close to the amenities of a big city.

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3. facility

This is a nuclear-proof facility.
Littering in this facility is subject to a maximum fine of $500.
Aferesis facility, hospital facility
Protesters have been demonstrating outside the new research facility. The training facility is scheduled to open in April 2005.
Her facility with English is wonderful.
He wrote a letter with great facility.
This company has modern facilities. / This is exactly why we have increased energy security, are supporting the creation of jobs and introducing a microfinance facility.
Along with a facility for languages, the fledgling student quickly demonstrated an aptitude for computers and taught himself programming.
Almost every facility needed for life is available in the town
The government is planning to build a new nuclear research facility. I've just bought a cell phone with internet facility.
This facility allows the user to input text onto the screen.
Do you have facility management unit in your company?
There is a conference facility in this business centre.
The facility for there to be just one recognised translation gives us a practical solution.
By the way, do you know what a Shinto shrine is? "I've a little bit of knowledge on the subject. It's a religious facility where that which is the object of worship, that called the genius loci, is enshrined."

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4. comforts

The silence of the night comforts us.
Living in a flat in the city gives people comforts like central heating and hot water.
We are indirectly dependent upon the labour of others for all the necessities and comforts of our lives.
You will find that the ship's cabins have all the creature comforts of home.

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5. conveniences

Now we’ve invented enough conveniences that we often live completely divorced from exercise.

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6. student facilities

7. mod cons

These days young people have all the mod cons like smartphones and laptops.