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ulga po angielsku:

1. alleviation alleviation

world poverty alleviation
We are an international agency concerned with the alleviation of human suffering

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2. relief relief

Aspirin can provide quick relief for a headache.
You have to raise funds for the relief work.
The government asked the SDF for a disaster relief deployment to Okinawa.
to relief
Poland’s relief was formed by the actions of Ice Age glaciers, which advanced and receded over the northern part of the country several times during the Pleistocene Epoch
The mountain is standing out in sharp relief against the blue sky.
Thus the matter was settled to the immense relief of everyone.
With 19 cases of death forming over 20% of the whole, the grave reality of overwork-deaths has been thrown into relief.
you can seek relief through District Court
Mark and I approached the pushchair and... to our relief it was only a pushchair with a doll.
“I found my wallet.” – “Oh, that’s a relief!”
Several aid agencies and international organizations provide relief support at the disaster site.
My first feeling is relief. It’s deeply freezing – my arms sting immediately – but somehow it’s bearable.
Definition if you get relief from pain, the pain becomes less or stops altogether
It's such a relief to be able to talk about one's problems with a friend / It took a couple of strong aspirin to relieve her headache

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3. relieved relieved

I was too relieved for a long moment to say anything.
I'm relieved
Remain at your post until relieved.
After you take the medicine, your stomachache will be much relieved.
It's marvelous how quickly the medicine relieved my pain.
"yes, it's exciting story," said Marlin, relieved that he had got her to stop reciting.
When i hand in my papers at the endof an exam i feel relieved that it's over.
You've no idea how relieved I am to hear your voice.
When her son finally came home after midnight, she was relieved that he hadn’t had an accident.
[+ to infinitive] I'm so relieved to ​find you - I ​thought you'd already gone. He was relieved to ​see Jeannie ​reach the other ​side of the ​river ​safely. [+ (that)] I'm relieved (that) you didn't ​tell her.
She was ​immensely relieved when the ​medical ​test ​proved to be ​negative.
She was relieved to see the bright lights of the terminal only a few feet away.
But answering them took up the time and energy he needed for his writing, so that he was rather relieved that
If you are relieved, you feel happy because something unpleasant has not happened or is no longer happening.
Soldiers were regularly relieved and found relative safety in the dug-outs.

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