słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

ulotka po angielsku:

1. leaflet leaflet

Jeffrey put a leaflet in every letterbox in the neighbourhood to let people know he was available to babysit.
She gave a leaflet into my hand
We read about it in one leaflet.
Pick up a free leaflet from your local post office.
Demonstrators handed out leaflets to passers-by.
The local gym has handed out these leaflets which give details of prices and special offers.
They offer leaflets describing walks in different parts of Britain.
I got this leaflet about the pollution from that girl.
This is a leaflet about Buckingham Palace.
They're distributing leaflets asking for any information about the bombers
I collect leaflets of the slow food restaurants.
... slavery started with a leaflet that I picked up...
This leaflet contains necessary information.

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2. flyer

We get loads of pizza flyers under our door, but we hardly ever order pizza.
We hired some students to distribute flyers on the street.

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3. handbill

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4. handout

Have you printed these handouts before?
I will be giving handouts at the end.
The class does not provide any textbooks only teacher handouts.

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