słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

włamywacz po angielsku:

1. burglar burglar

The burglar tied my hands behind my back with a rope.
The policeman arrested the burglar.
Tom continued reading the newspaper even though the burglar alarm had gone off.
A burglar made away with my wife's diamond ring.
A burglar broke into the convenience store last month, but I heard the police caught him yesterday.
I awoke to find a burglar in my room.
The burglar stole our TV.
Two policemen arrested a burglar. They caught him sneaking into Mrs. Miller's.
The burglar wore gloves, with the result that there were no finger-prints to be found.
Bill was killed by a burglar.
burglar noun [C] someone who robs a house, who gets into buildings illegally and steals things
How did the burglar get in?
Last night there was a burglar in our house. Fortunately, he must have got scared and ran away taking nothiung.
house burglary
As I entered the kitchen, a burglar was jumping out the window with my laptop computer.

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2. housebreaker housebreaker

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3. robber robber

They are pursuing the robber.
The bank robber shouted, "Stay where you are, all of you!"
The robber stood surrounded by ten policemen.
gang of robbers
The robber took all our money and jewellery.
My father struggled with the robber.
I don't car robbers.
The guardsman was assaulted by a robber.
The escaped robber is still at large.
He was a famous bank robber.
Johny Ocean was a very well-known robber. Banks had no secrets from him.
The two robbers were wearing masks.
Yesterday I saw a robber in the bank.
When I opened the door, I was confonted by an armed robber
Police shot the armed robber in the head - he died almost immediately.

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4. burglar's burglar's

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