Russian swear words

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Pytanie Odpowiedź
comes from "vulva"
Эта ситуация - пиздец!
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Damn, what a situation!
один хрен
translates as: "the same horseradish"
Или чёрный или белый - один хрен!
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there's no difference
Black or white - there's no difference!
another form: пидор
По улице гуляли два пидораса.
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Two homosexuals were walking on the street.
used in many situations to indicate that something is unsuccessful or bad
Моя жизнь полная жопа.
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My life is an ass.
Мне насрать!
also: "I don't give a shit"
Делай что хочешь, мне насрать!
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I don't care!
Do what you want, I don't care!
Какого хрена?
Какого хрена ты купил столько пива?
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Why the hell?
Why the hell did you buy so much beer?
another form is: сука блядь
Опять эта сука на меня накричала!
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This bitch screamed at me again!
иди нахуй
translates as "go to the dick"
Идите вы нахуй со своими претензиями!
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go fuck yourself
Go fuck youself with your complains!
comes from the English "condom"
Ты гандон!
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You're a condom!
Хватит заниматься хернёй!
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nonsense, trash
Stop doing things that don't make sense!
can be used in different parts of the sentence
Ебать ты умный!
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Fuck, you're smart!
can be used in different parts of the sentence
Этот сериал - говно!
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This series is shit.
Она редкая шлюха!
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She's a rare whore!
положить хрен
translates as: "to put the horseradish onto something"
Витя положил хрен на учёбу.
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to abandon something
Vitya abandoned his studies.
can be used in different parts of the sentence
Ты что, блять, не понемаешь?
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You, whore, don't understand?
Иди к чёрту!
translates as: "go to the devil"
Иди ты к чёрту со своими деньгами!
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Go to hell!
Go to hell with your money!
до хрена
В его рюкзаке было до хрена еды.
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a lot
He had a lot of food in his backpack.
Мы охренели когда увидели цены в магазине.
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to go crazy
We went crazy when we saw the prices in the store.

What are the benefits of swearing?

Scientists proved that swear words are great for relieving pain and expressing what's inside. These words have a cathartic effect helping us to vent and communicate our thoughts and feelings. Insults make people more tolerant to pain, according to the experiments of some famous psychologists. More than that, it is said that swear words make us more honest and trustworthy. People who swear lie less than others. Swearing is a great and enjoyable way to create a positive environment at work or at home. The insults said as a joke help create bonding between people. There are a lot of benefits of swearing that's why we create interesting lessons with swear words for the most curious people!

Fun facts about swearing

Here are some of the most interesting facts about swearing:
  • 1. Swear words make up 5 - 7% of the average vocabulary of a person and this is a lot!
  • 2. There is a disorder called coprolalia. It is when a person urges to express himself with swear words in every situation.
  • 3. Kids pick up swear words before other words. Some of them learn insults before even learning the alphabet.
  • 4. Virginia is a city where swearing in public is illegal.
  • 5. There is no specific group of words that are considered insults in Japanese, compared to English.
  • 6. One of the oldest obscene words in English is fart. It is about 800 years old.
  • 7. Curious to know what's the most popular swear word on Facebook? It is shit.

Learn Russian swear words

Russian curse words are some of the most used words in this country. What's most important when using Russian insults is the way you pronounce them. You have to show confidence with the way you say the Russian swear words. They will help you in many situations if you want to visit Russia or move to live there. Since swear words are so beneficial and important, it will be very interesting and useful to learn the Russian swear words. That is why there is an entire flashcard lesson dedicated to the Russian swear words on our site. It will introduce you to the way these Russian swear words are spelt and pronounced. Also, the lesson will explain these Russian swear words to you so that you use them correctly. Moreover, you will finally learn the cyka blyat meaning with this lesson of Russian swear words and will know how to say fuck you in Russian. Master these Russian swear words to find the right one for every situation in Russia! Repeat the Russian swear words to remember them perfectly and impress your new Russian friends! There are many more interesting flashcard lessons on our platform that can teach you more than just the Russian swear words! Take a look at the Dirty and inappropriate Finnish expressions - Finnish swear words lesson to find out what are some of the coolest Finnish insults!

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