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La Habana
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It is the fascinating capital of Cuba, distinguished in 2013 with the Travellers’ Choice prize as one of the ten best destinations in the Caribbean, seducing for its nostalgic appearance.
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Nicknamed the Pearl of the South, it is recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba, highlighted by its elegant architectures of French influence displayed in a beautiful historical center declared World Heritage by Unesco.
Cayo Santa Maria
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The surprising landscape of canals between the cays, mangrove forests, and paradisiacal beaches surrounded by coconut trees, whose waters of low depth allow to be submerged between a universe of corals and multicolored fish, stand out.
Jardines del Rey
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Cayo Coco the most touristic of its islands concentrates most of the hotel infrastructure, seducing with its 22 kilometers of beaches surrounded by coconut trees and mangroves.
Cayo Lago del Sur
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It is a small Caribbean island part of the Canarreos Archipelago, home to Paradise tropical vegetation environments, coral reefs and a sea floor of impressive biodiversity.
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