Travelling to Cuba

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Make sure to purchase suitable travel insurance coverage before travelling to Cuba. Also, you don’t want to travel to an unknown destination without this kind of backup. It’s best to be safe and get a suitable travel insurance before travelling.
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Only travellers from 18 countries can freely travel to Cuba without any visa. The rest will have to purchase a tourist card at the airport before check-in. For American passport holders, this process is a bit trickier.
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With the island hot tropical climate, the summer’s average temperature is 24 degrees, whereas during the winter months of January and February expect less than 15 degrees. From May to October, you can expect a lot of rain as the island is in a wet season.
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Other than your visa or tourist card, make sure to print out all crucial documents before travelling to Cuba. Travel insurance, tour bookings, hotel reservations or any other important papers might become very handy to have.
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