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An event in a public place where people sell their unwanted possessions, often from the backs of their cars.
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car boot sale
You can buy a lot of funny things on the car boot sale.
If you are in a difficult situation you will go anywhere for help.
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any port in a storm
I don't really like asking my parents for help, but any port in a storm.
Sometime in the future.
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down the road
I have to get a driving licence down the road.
The point where it is no longer possible to continue with a process or activity.
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end of the line/road
This project has reached the end of the line. It's ready.
An idea which shows a lot of imagination but which is not practical.
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flight of fancy
I think our new car was just a flight of fancy, we didn't really need it.
This idiom describes a road accident in which the driver who caused the accident drives away without helping the other people involved and without telling the police.
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hit and run
One of the worst things that can happen on your holiday is to have a hit and run accident.
Something that is needed.
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just the ticket
Thank you, the hummer was just the ticket.
This idiom describes a person, organization, opinion or type of entertainment that is not extreme and is acceptable to or liked by most people.
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middle of the road
Ok, we will listen to Beatles, everybody likes them, they're so middle of the road.
A place where few people go, far from any main roads and towns.
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off the beaten track
It's a great place for a real explorer, it's so off the beaten track.
If something is on track it's making progress and is likely to achieve something.
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on track
I think my new company is on track and it will soon succeed.
An impolite way of telling someone to go away.
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On yer bike!
I tried to help him, but he just said “O yer bike!” and ran away.
One last alcoholic drink just before leaving.
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one for the road
I do understand you have to go, but let's have one for the road.
A tendency to think about only one subject.
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one track mind
He can only think about his car, he's a one track mind.
A place where you stop for a short time, especially on a journey.
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port of call
Our port of call for tonight is this cheap motel over there.
Someone who drives in a way which makes it impossible for other vehicles to go past.
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road hog
This lorry is a true road hog, I can't overtake it.
Said to tell someone that they must improve their performance or behaviour or they will have to leave.
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Shape up or ship out.
They told him to shape up or ship out.
The quickest and most direct route to achievement of a goal (especially business related).
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the fast track
I put this project on the fast track.
It is said to emphasize that you must not simply intend to behave well but you must act accordingly.
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The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I told him I really meant to call him, but he replied that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
To be in the same situation (usually unpleasant) as other people.
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to be in the same boat
Don't worry, we'll figure something out, after all we are in the same boat.
To have a special position within an organization, or a special relationship with a person that gives you advantages that other people do not have.
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to be on the inside track
I have latest news quicker than most journalists, I'm on the special inside track.
To hide or conceal something.
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to cover one's tracks
I'm very good at covering my track, nobody can find me.
To negotiate prices or agreements in one's own favour.
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to drive a hard bargain
He drove a hard bargain but eventually got the pay rise.
To make someone very bored or very angry.
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to drive someone round the bend
This noise drives me round the bend!
To make someone extremely angry.
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to drive someone up the wall
My children sometimes drive me up the wall.
To start moving.
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to get on one's bike
You'd better get on your bike and go on holiday.
To attempt to make money quickly, easily, and often dishonestly.
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to get on the gravy train
I don't like him any more, he seems to have got on the gravy train.
To begin an activity that has been planned.
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to get the show on the road
Let's get the show on the road and have some drinks.
To start behaving in a way that is not generally acceptable, especially dishonestly or illegally.
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to go off the rails
I think our daughter's best friend went a bit off the rails recently.
To be really ugly.
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to have a face like the back end of a bus
My aunt has a face like the back end of the bus, maybe that is why she is a spinster.
To leave a place or begin a journey.
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to hit the road
It's high time we hit the road again!
To no longer know what is happening, or not to remember something.
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to lose track
I'm sorry, can your repeat, I lost the track.
To send someone away somewhere.
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to ship someone off
We have to ship our children off to grandparents and have some fun together.
To run away.
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to take flight
He took flight when he saw a group of three robbers.
To go on a journey without taking a lot of things with you.
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to travel light
I learned to travel light when I went to China.
At the highest level in a job or sport.
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top flight
This tennis racquet is an absolute top flight.
The connections that link the various parts of an event or argument together.
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train of thought
I just can't follow her train of thought.
English idiomatic expressions, or simply idioms (idioms) is not only an integral part of the language, but also reflect the culture and everyday life of the people, who spoke on it. They decorate it and make it possible to save many words of the speaker and effort as very succinctly and accurately convey sometimes not only the meaning of a single utterance, but even entire speeches! Learn some Transportation idioms in English with VocApp. While there are many travel-inspired idioms we could think of, we have shortlisted just forty of our favourites that we thought you would like to learn and of course that we thought could be quite useful to try and use in conversations. This lesson about transportation Idioms in English, we have spoken about how we have to prepare themselves when it comes to travelling around world where they hear crazy Idioms, Especially when they visit English speaking countries. In this lesson we want to introduce you to the stable expression of the same subject. So, transport idioms and set expressions on the theme ‘Transport’. You can also find some flashcards on Car Idioms and sayings within this lesson. So, let us expand our active vocabulary with some English idioms that are related to transport. I am sure that these idioms will surprise you.

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