Lesson 10 14/01/2021

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Pytanie Odpowiedź
We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of ocean mammals.
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not intended to make a profit, but to make money for a social or political purpose or to provide a service that people need
He devoted his life to serving his family, friends, and neighbors.
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to give your time or effort completely to something you believe in or to a person, or to use a particular amount of time or energy doing something
Ambulances, police cars, and fire engines all converged on the scene.
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to come from other places to meet in a particular place
Four subtracted from ten equals six.
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to remove a number from another number
That sort of extreme diet is not sustainable over a long period.
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able to continue over a period of time
You might be sleep-deprived but you will finish the book.
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not getting enough sleep
This bike is second-hand but it's still in good condition.
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not new; having been used in the past by someone else
a long-distance runner
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travelling a long way, or separated by a long distance
He always leaves his homework until the last minute.
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the latest possible opportunity for doing something
He looked uncomfortable, like a self-conscious adolescent.
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nervous or uncomfortable because you are worried about what people think about you or your actions
My jeans are almost worn out because I've worn them so much.
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something that can no longer be used because it is so old or because it has been damaged by continued use
homemade bread/cakes
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made at home and not bought from a shop
The restaurant is air-conditioned.
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cooled, or equipped with a system for cooling
Only people who can afford to lose their money should make high-risk investments.
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involving a greater than usual amount of risk
a narrow-minded person
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not willing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are different from your own
a well-behaved child
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behaving in a way that is accepted as correct
There are hyphens in "well-to-do".
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the symbol -, used to join two words together, or to show that a word has been divided into two parts at the end of one line and the beginning of the next
a hands-free car phone
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a hands-free piece of equipment, especially a phone, can be used without needing to hold it in your hand
Negotiators have reached a dead end in their attempts to find a peaceful solution.
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a situation that has no hope of making progress
a feel-good movie
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causing happy and positive feelings about life
a groundbreaking discovery
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new and likely to have an effect on how things are done in the future
The combination of Pierce’s tenor sax and Roney’s high-pitched trumpet was exciting.
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having a high and sometimes also loud or unpleasant sound
When technology works, it's a wonderful labour-saving device.
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able to save time and effort
a life-changing decision/moment
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having an effect that is strong enough to change someone's life
an eco-friendly product/company/organization
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designed to have little or no damaging effect on the environment
The 1990s saw a huge increase in the numbers of low-cost airlines.
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