Places to visit in Ukraine - Достопримечательности Украины

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It is the capital of the Cossacks and the largest island on the Dnipro River, a National Nature Reserve and one of the seven wonders of the country. Many tribes inhabited the territory and left significant artifacts that you can observe in a museum.
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For travelers interested in exploring museums - this is the perfect place! The city has 24 of them with a variety of artifacts - from the Museum of Bread to the Museum of Ukrainian National Dress.
The Carpathians
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Considered to be the "Green Pearl" of the country, the Carpathian Mountains represent the most popular resort and a touristic center. The unique flora and fauna found in these places attract visitors seeking for adventure in nature.
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The capital is a mix of nonstop city life, old buildings, churches, and architecture. It includes two UNESCO-protected sites: Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia Cathedral, which are a must-see for all tourists visiting the city.
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