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kawalerka po angielsku:

1. studio flat studio flat

When I was single, I used to live in a studio flat.
When I was single, I used to live in a studio flat

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2. bedsit

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3. studio

The studio is very small, with no place to hide.
There are hundreds of books in his studio.
I don't switch on the light in my studio at night.
We cannot go into the studio.
Tom gave up his teaching job to become a full-time studio musician.
Though I mainly work as a studio musician, I do a little busking to make some extra money.
Or rather it seems, Kensuke arrived at the studio at the same that I and the other two were still coming.
My sister is old enough to go to a workout studio by herself.
The film rights to her story were bought by a major studio.
It was filmed in a studio in Hollywood.
Whenever I go to the dance studio I see Gülşen.
We invited Claire to our TV studio.
I live in a studio
Their new album was recorded at a studio in London.
The world's your studio.

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4. bedsitter

A bedsitter is a combined bedroom and sitting room. It is the sort of place a young man or young woman would rent if living and working away from home. It might also contain a shower and a place to cook.

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5. studio apartment

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6. bachelor flat

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7. bachelor pad

The mood of the room was tasteful, and peaceful – a Scandinavian bachelor pad.

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