słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

najpierw po angielsku:

1. at first

it was at first considered to be obscene
She didn't recognise him at first.
Only three people passed the test at first.
I didn't like Mary at first, but then we became friends.

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2. first

You go first.
First cousins are too close for marriage.
Wow, we're finally in Paris. Where should we visit first?
Four hundred million people speak English as their first language.
The argument presented in Doyle's study was first published as a white paper on drug-related crimes.
When people meet, first impressions determine more than 50 percent of whatever happens next.
It wasn't my lucky day. First, I got a parking ticket and then things went from bad to worse when I got pulled over for making a U-turn.
First off, I'd like you to come with me to a department store sale.
Each one of the world's great successes was a failure first.
The first artificial satellite was Sputnik 1, launched by Russia in 1957.
Chimpanzees normally have their first child at age 13, humans at age 19.
A friend I went with on our first trip abroad had his wallet pickpocketed. I don't think it left a very good impression.
Socrates said that recognising your own ignorance is the first step towards wisdom.
Many doctors look at your tongue first when they begin an examination.
Four of my favorite Christmas carols are "Silent Night," "Joy to the World," "The First Noel" and "Away in the Manger."

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3. firstly

Firstly, happiness is related to money.
Firstly, I think that the first time each foreigner is in China, the earliest impression is certainly the size of the country.

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4. first of all

NEVER: THE first of all

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