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po angielsku:

1. permanent

What's your permanent address?
You have a permanent job for just a long time.
adjective - taking a long time, never ending
continuing to exist for a long time or for all the time in the future

English File Intermediate
Słówka 11-17.12
moje słowa LA
angielski bank słow 4 longman
Unit 9 i 10 matura master pre-intermediate

2. steady

Dom, życie, rodzina
gsce english
słówka 27.11-03.12
specime moist
P. Świat Przyrody

3. constant

IELTS - slowka
angielski II
Unit 5 - Sports and interests
Medical English EXAM part 2
Weather and climate

4. fixed

We will meet on a fixed date.
fixed price
stuck in a rut - become too fixed in one kind of job or situation in life
to have fixed ideas about sth

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5. solid

Water changes into solid when it is cold.
[adjective] - strong and not easily damaged or broken
it works by building up layer upon layer of material to make solid objects
solid rock
solid three days/ solid partnership/ solid pices

collins dictionary
chemia, pomiary
unit 4 cześć 2
Słówka Fajne z Sheldona:) Maciej Krakowczyk pozdra...

6. stable

a stable economic situation
e.g. The King’s horses were kept in very comfortable stables.
stable Internet connection
stej bol

upstream unit 4 właściwe
Water purity - 1
Angielski 1b
Miłość i cenzura

7. persistent

a persistent cough
e.g. Mark is hard-working and persistent; I’m sure he’ll solve the problem.
persistent rain will affect many areas
persistent rain, persistent rumours

8. consistent

We need to be consistent in our approach.
Your actions should be consistent with your words.
a consistent link between
always behaving in the same way or having the same attitudes, standards
manufacturing processes require a consistent approach

1-4 Materials science - iron
Quiz 5 (q1 - N. Machiavelli)

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