słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. crowded

1 miesiąc angielski II
UNIT 2- DOM (Szymon)
Unit 6 - Accomodation
Chapter 2 House

2. overcrowded

Mumbai is a very overcrowded city.
[adjective] - that contains too many people or things
schools for them to go to that are not overcrowded.

Angielski: 7. Podróżowanie i turystyka
Unit 7. Bank słów "podróżowanie i turystyka"
spr dział 7 i 8
podróżowanie i turystyka
Going places

3. congested

The roads are very congested.
The roads here are congested
congested = overcrowded
congested nose

Matura Masters Intermediate Unit 9 słówka
Matura Masters Intermediate Unit 9
Logistyka po angielsku nr_2
Cities of the future
Vocabulary X - Space: expanse and confinement

4. packed

The metro is always packed when people go to work in the morning.
The place is always packed
Why is there no furniture in here
a beach packed with tourists

Unit 11Rich and poor
Unit 2 rich amd poor
Lekcja 4.01, 8.01
Unit 8 Important events

5. cramped

Module 2 & 3
dom i rodzina
miejsce zamieszkana, opis domu
magik to hip hop

6. crowded with

The building was crowded with mothers with small children.
The city centre was crowded with tourists.

Phrasal verbs
adjectives and prepositions
sprawdzian dział 7
sprawdzian dział 7
Matura część 1

7. packed with

My attic is packed with old boxes.

najważniejsze module4
On Screen Intermediate 4 a
Lila Nguyen 1