słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

zrobić po angielsku:

1. make

Let's face it, it's impossible. We're never gonna make it.
If we can just make it through one more month, we'll be sitting pretty.
Make your bed.
This tape recorder will make it easier for us to learn English.
Their influence becomes greater every day, but they are uncreative and can't make value judgements.
If you cannot make full remittance, please get in touch with me by October 28, 1998.
Though I mainly work as a studio musician, I do a little busking to make some extra money.
Make a good translation of the sentence that you are translating. Don't let translations into other languages influence you.
Homeroom teachers should make every effort to keep in touch with their students.
They said they'd make the boarding announcement 20 minutes before takeoff.
You can see how much difference a few degrees can make.
The company didn't make any effort to improve its business practices.
It doesn't make much sense to me that it works well on my computer, but not on yours.
It will make little difference whether you go there by taxi or on foot.
In order to make a phone call, I put my hand in my pocket and searched for a coin.

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2. do

I do the shopping.
The men had little to do except hunt for food.
Professional writers do not have a regular income.
Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know.
In most countries, teachers do not receive high wages.
Town criers used to tell people what they must do, according to the king's orders.
Maybe it's time to change my hair and do a makeover.
Since I have no children, I have more time to spend doing volunteer work than parents do.
Stop complaining and do as you're told.
If it's necessary to do so, I'll pay back my loan now.
The cones of the jack pine, for example, do not readily open to release their seeds until they have been subjected to great heat.
What should I do if I become depressed while studying abroad?
I'd like to get a bank loan; how do I go about that?
One thing I've always wanted to do is write a children's book.
She seems to be in trouble. Tell her what to do.

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3. make made made

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4. do did done

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5. do did

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6. done

Well done!
Something must be done immediately to deal with this problem.
I doubt that Tom has the courage to do what really needs to be done.
Well done! Your parents must be proud of you.
Please cancel my order and send confirmation that this has been done.
It's very unlikely that the teacher will believe Tom's excuse for not having his homework done on time.
He insists on things being done in the most efficient way and he usually does them that way himself.
They say you shouldn't take rumors seriously, but that's easier said than done.
She went to the hairdresser's to have her hair done.
As soon as you have done that, I would like you to start preparing supper.
She threw her hands up in horror when she saw what he had done.
This painting is nicely done. It looks just like Mom.
I might have done well on yesterday's test, but I do not know the results yet.
Tom believes that getting married to Mary was the best thing he's ever done.
As we ate our meal, we talked about what we had done that day.

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7. make an

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