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Como se escribe:? ----- impulsar, avanzar con algo hacia adelante, (drivear hacia adelante), llevar acabo algo hacia adelante.
Moving to the front; making progress.
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DRIVE FORWARD. ----- Obama's aim is to DRIVE FORWARD the agenda for a health reform. ------ DRIVE FORWARD.
Mike Pence said that the new legislation was DRIVEN FORWARD by fears of mass immigration... Instead of reversing, he drove forward into a tree. ----------- DRIVE FORWARD.
Como se escribe:? ----- Presentarse ante la policía, (venir hacia adelante), presentarse ante las autoridades.
to offer to do something, especially to help someone or to give information to someone in authority.
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COME FORWARD. ----- The investigators pleaded for anyone with information about the crime to come forward. Some witnesses have COME FORWARD about the murder. ------ COME FORWARD.
Four witnesses have "come forward" recently with information about where the gang of youths were before and after the murder. ------------ COME FORWARD
Como se escribe:? ----- Venir a ofrecer ayudar, (Venir haciadelante), salir a ofrecer ayuda.
to offer to do something, especially to help someone or to give information to someone in authority.
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COME FORWARD. ------- Several patients have come forward to support allegations of abuse at the hospital. ------------ Come forward.
300 donors have come forward in response to a request for people to give blood. ------ Come forward.
Como se escribe:? ----- Esperar con ansias algo ó alguién, (Lukiar haciadelante a), ansiar, a anhelar con ansias a...
Wait for or anticipate something pleasant.
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LOOK FORWARD TO. ------ He had worked hard and was looking forward to his retirement. ------ Look forward to.
I'm looking Forward to meeting you... We wish you all the best for the summer break and we look forward to seeing you again in september. ------ Look forward to.
Como se escribe:? ----- LLevar adelante algo para progresar, (Carriar haciadelante), sacar adelante.
to help something to progress.
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CARRY FORWARD. ---- Richard Vaughan had found the man who could carry the company forward when he retired. ------ Carry forward.
Some businesses tried to avoid tax by carrying forward losses from earlier years. ------ CARRY FORWARD.
Como se escribe:? ----- Empujar hacia adelante, (puchar haciadelante, ó puchar adelante), avanzar hacia la meta, mantenerse firme en algo.
to continue doing something with a lot of effort and enthusiasm despite opposition or difficulties.
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PUSH FORWARD/AHEAD. ---- Jane is PUSHING FORWARD with plans to expand production. ------ PUSH FORWARD/AHEAD.
President Trump was urged to push forward with his racial reforms. ------ PUSH FORWARD/AHEAD.
Como se escribe:? ----- Adelantar, progresar, avanzar, moverse hacia delante, (goir haciadelante), seguir adelante.
(mainly British). move ahead, advance.
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GO FORWARD. ----- I can't seem to go forward in my career... Is this the weekend when the clocks GO FORWARD?. ------ GO FORWARD.
The three regional winners will go forward to the semi-finals next week. Don't forget that the clocks go forward tonight. ------ Go forward.
Como se escribe:? ----- Dar un paso al frente para ayudar, (stepear haciadelante), ofrecerse a ayudar dando un paso hacia adelante.
to offer to help.
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STEP FORWARD. ----- Karim stepped forward and offered to change the tyre. ------ STEP FORWARD.
When I had the accident, a lot of people "stepped forward" to help me... One by one, survivors have been stepping forward to talk about the tragedy. ------ STEP FORWARD.
Como se escribe:? ----- Sugerir algo, ofrecer algo, (Putear algo haciadelante), proponer algo, postular.
to state an idea or opinion, or to suggest a plan, so that it can be considered or discussed. (see also: bring up).
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PUT FORWARD sth. ----- A number of theories have been PUT FORWARD about the possible causes of cancer. ------ PUT FORWARD sth.
The US has PUT FORWARD a five-point plan for peace in the Middle East. ------ PUT FORWARD sth.
Como se escribe:? ----- Poner para antes de tiempo, (putear algo haciadelante), (adelantar algo como el tiempo, una fecha, etc.
to change the time or date of an event so that it happens earlier than originally planned. (see also: bring forward).
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PUT something FORWARD. ----- Los Angeles is two hours ahead of Chicago, so you'll need to PUT your watch FORWARD. ------ PUT something FORWARD.
The Venezuelan government PUT the election FORWARD a month, from April to March. ------ PUT something FORWARD.
Como se escribe:? ----- Traer algo como una fecha para antes de tiempo, (bringear haciadelante), adelantar algo.
to change the date or time of an event so that it happens earlier than planned. (see also: put forward).
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BRING FORWARD. ---- The meeting was scheduled for next week, but we’ve had to BRING it FORWARD to tomorrow. ------ BRING FORWARD.
The judge agreed to BRING FORWARD the trial date to help speed things up. ------ BRING FORWARD.

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