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Is the melody of English the same as in my language?
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Most probably - not. It's useful to learn more about intonation types in English sentences - sometimes the intonation may change the meaning of what you want to say.
Are any sounds reduced in English?
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Yes, in English vowels are often strongly reduced, consonants, however, are pronounced quite clearly – try to speak exactly like that.
When do I use the rise-fall intonation?
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You first raise and then lower the pitch of your voice in wh-questions, declarative statements, commands and explanatory sentences.
Are the sounds in my language the same as in English?
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Most probably - not. A good example are vowels - sounds which at first may appear similar, are in fact produced by locating your speech organs in different positions.
Can I improve my English accent without leaving home?
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Yes, you can. It's not necessary to travel abroad.
What else could help me get better and better in English pronunciation?
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Always learn a new word with its pronunciation. You can also buy or borrow a book on English phonetics.
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