Expressions concerning the mood and personality - Espressioni riguardanti lo stato d'animo e carattere

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to flip out about something
There's no need for you flip out about nothing because I wasn't criticizing you.
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prendere / pijà d'aceto
Non c'è bisogno che prendi così d'aceto perché non era una critica.
You're so stubborn that you never change your mind.
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essere / esse de coccio
"Popo" is the Roman for "proprio".
Se popo de coccio, non cambi mai idea.
chicken person
You're afraid of the darkness, you're a chicken.
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Hai paura del buoio, sei proprio un cacasotto.
You're such a chav!
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Che coatto che sei!
Don't just stand like that, as if you are paralyzed!
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Non rimanere così imbambolato!
to be mad about something
Don't be mad, nothing happend!
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Non essere così incacchiato, non è successo niente!
to be fuzzy
I hit my head against the wall, so now I'm a little bit fuzzy.
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intronato / rintronato
Ho sbattuto la testa al muro, e ora sono rintronato!
You're such a playboy, you're always flirting with girls.
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Che marpione, ci provi con tutte!
Could you pay the bill yourself for once in your life? You're such a penny pincher!
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Dai paga tu per una volta! Che micragnoso che sei!

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