słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

recepcjonista po angielsku:

1. receptionist

I work part-time as a receptionist at a dentist's office.
The hotel is looking for a new head receptionist.
The receptionist said to come right in.
The receptionist will help you.
The receptionist asked me to wait in the lobby
receptionist is working at the hotel
A receptionist is usually the first person you meet when you go in the building.
There are more male receptionists nowadays than twenty years ago.
My sister works as a receptionist in the Grand Hotel in town.
He begins his conversation with a receptionist in Polish.
A receptionist works at a hotel check-in desk.
This a new hotel, maybe I should apply for a job as a receptionist there?
The receptionist apologised for the delay and asked if I would like a drink.
a hotel receptionist
I’m a receptionist for an American company

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2. the front desk clerk

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3. clerk

All clerks have to wear smart clothes.
After she filled out the application, the records clerk told her that the fee was eight dollars.
A clerk in the office is only a pawn in the game of big business.
I couldn't find a clerk to wait on me.
town clerk
Please tell the reservation clerk, Mr Ichiro Takahashi, your credit card number to confirm your reservation.
May I please see your driver's license for identification?, said the clerk.
At the same time, the clerk Natsue Arimura told Gokijo of his intent to resign after this month.
The chief clerk is not a hardworking man, but gets ahead rapidly because he knows how to curry favor with his superiors.
You can get it at the courthouse, the clerk added.
He is a very efficient law clerk. 2. He left school at 16 to work in a solicitors' office as a clerk.
Many people are required to work as typists, clerks, secretaries or book-keepers in offices, companies and agencies.
He's a small town clerk. He doesn't know shit.
The desk clerk showed him into the police chiefs office, where a tall man with a wide face and a th
The ticket clerk found baggage placed under a bench in the hall, and the ticking sound inside it made him worried.

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