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po angielsku:

1. runaway

For the most part, the game seemed like a runaway train.

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2. Escape

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3. Flee

The man fleed the scene of the accident.
The thief legged it and disappeared round the corner.
You must flee before there are too many of them.
flee fled fled

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4. make off

The burglars made off with goods
The burglars made off with goods worth $10,000.
The burglars made off with goods worth £10,000.
The burglars made off with goods worth ₤10.000.
The burglers made off with goods worth 10000$.

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5. slip away

Go for it! Don't let that opportunity slip away!
I slipped away when no one was looking.

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6. run off

The man tried to run off when he saw the policeman.
Their dad ran off when they were little.

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8. get away

escape/The bank robbers got away.
get away with her crime
not be caught or punished when you have done something wrong

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9. break out

to start suddenly (used about fighting, wars, fires etc.)
wybuchać (wojna, pożar)
wybuchnąć (wojna, niepokój)
„The II World War broke out in 1939.”

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10. get out

I got out of the van and went home.
I got out the car and went home. Get out of my home.
When you stop at the traffic lights, I'll get out.
get out your wallet, get out of the room

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11. Take flight

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