Русские идиомы о еде - Russian idioms about food

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Pytanie Odpowiedź
Каша в голове
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A person in a confusing state of mind
This expression is used to refer to a person who knows a lot of things, but often confuses different concepts.
It literally means “porridge in your head”.
Как огурчик
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Like a cucumber
When a person is compared to a “cucumber”, Russians expect to see a person who looks fresh, young, cheerful and perfect despite all the circumstances.
Знает кошка, чьё мясо съела.
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A guilty conscience needs no accuser.
In Russian, this expression is used to say that guilty people know what they've done.
The literal translation would be "the cat knows whose meat it has eaten".
Пeрвый блин — комом.
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Failure is the mother of all successes. / Practice makes perfect.
Old Slavs would celebrate the awakening of the bears by giving the first pancake to them. In Old Slavic "ком" meant "bear" but today it means lump. So, the proverb means that the first attempt will often be unsuccessful, but you have to be persevering.
It literally means "the first pancake goes to the bear".
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