FCE unit 1 vocabulary

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your opinion about something
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stance on
What's your stance on GM food?
I feel I need to brush ... on my French pronunciation.
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I feel I need to brush up on my French pronunciation.
Rephrase the sentence. My little son is a huge fan of Lego blocks.
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My son raves about Lego blocks.
to imagine
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to picture
Can you picture your teacher doing zumba?
change the meaning of a word for example tin and teen
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I once garbled the word piece. I said piss instead. I was so embarassed.
think of doing something
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consider doing
I'm considering changing my job.
to get a rest and relax
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wind down
I best wind down doing some sport.
a large amount of money
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When his grandad died, he inherited a hefty sum of money.
What do you do to ... fit?
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What do you do to keep fit?
Rephrase the first part of the sentence. My father thinks that marijuana should not be legal.
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According to my father marijuana should not be legal.
Rewrite outside. Kindergarten children in Norway play outside even in winter.
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in the open air
Kindergarten children in Norway play in the open air even in winter.
I had to buy a train ticket when it turned out I forgot my purse. But I was ... enough to meet my friend at the station and he lent me the money.
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I was fortunate enough to meet my friend.
Marek Kondrat ... ING bank.
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look for
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search for
I often search for original clothes at Allegroo.
something that stays in your memory for long is...
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Passing my driving test was a very memorable event.
I will use Fiszkoteka to ... the vocab that we practised in class.
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