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verb; to conduct sb; /kənˈdʌkt/
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If you conduct somebody or a tour, you show people around a place.
Please conduct him to the waiting room.
a place; /ˈɪn.dʒər.i/
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An injury is a place on a person or animal that is hurt or broken because of a cut, hit, fall, etc.
countable & uncountable
She suffered serious injuries to her face and chest in the car crash.
money; /ɪnˈvest.mənt/
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Your investment is the money, time, or effort you use to make a profit.
countable & uncountable
Buying an old laptop is a bad investment because new technology is better.
>0; /ˈpɒzɪtɪv/
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A positive number or value is more than zero.
The Kelvin scale of temperature is absolute since only positive temperatures are possible.
for animals; /ɹeɪndʒ/
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A range is a large grassy area for farm animals to walk about freely.
verb; /sɪˈlekt/
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If you select something, you choose it.
transitive & intransitive
Students follow a general course in their first year, and in the final year they select one of three specialised areas of study.
verb; to survey books; BrE: /səˈveɪ/, AmE: /sɚˈveɪ/
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If you survey books and articles, you read a large number on a particular topic.
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