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in grammar; /klɔːz/
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A clause is a group of words that usually includes a subject and a predicate. In English, the subject usually comes before the predicate.
The last clause in the sentence is hard to understand without knowing the context.
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Consultation is the process of getting advice or opinions from other people.
countable & uncountable
The city went through the planning process with very little public consultation.
verb; /ˈɪmɪdʒ/
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If you image something, you create an image of it.
The lunar surface at the Apollo 17 site, imaged by the Apollo 17 astronauts.
noun; /ˈlaɪsəns/
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A licence is an official piece of paper that allows you to do something, such as drive, open a business, etc.
I got my driver's licence when I was 16 years old.
adjective; /ˈmed.ɪ.kəl/
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About physical health and medicine.
usually before the noun
Often the poor do not go to a doctor because they are unable to pay for medical treatment.
sb's or sth's orientation; /ˌɔːrienˈteɪʃən/
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Someone's or something's orientation is the way they face, physically or psychologically.
An arrow is usually used to indicate the orientation of the map.
reject an idea; /rɪˈdʒekt/
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If you reject an idea or belief, you decide that you do not believe it.
We reject the idea that English is somehow "better" than other languages.
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