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verb; bulk sth; /bʌlk/
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If you bulk something, you increase its' size; you expand it.
noun; style; BrE: /ˈfɔːmæt/, AmE: /ˈfɔːrmæt/
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Something's format is its style, type, organisation, etc.
The format of the meeting will be quite casual.
verb; in IT; BrE: /ˈfɔːmæt/, AmE: /ˈfɔːrmæt/
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Someone formats a computer disk when they prepare a disk for writing and reading.
You need to format the disk before you can copy those files onto it.
adjective; /ˈmiːdiəm/
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A medium amount is an amount that is not small and not large, but in the middle.
Would you like a small, medium or large drink?
adjective; about armies; BrE: /ˈmɪl.ɪ.tɹɪ/, AmE: /ˈmɪl.ɪ.tɛɹ.i/
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If something is military, it has to do with armies and ground troops.
x-->y; /ˈmjuːtʃuəl/
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If something is mutual, x does it to y, and y does it to x.
The working relationship between the two men was based on mutual respect.
wheels; /ˌrevəlˈuːʃən/
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When a wheel turns around once it has made a revolution; going in a circle; turning; revolving.
countable & uncountable
The hour hand on the clock makes one revolution in twelve hours.
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