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assign a job; /əˈsaɪn/
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When you assign a job to someone, you tell them to do it.
That teacher always assigns too much homework.
differences; /dɪˌskrɪmɪˈneɪʃən/
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Discrimination is the ability to notice differences.
At this small size, discrimination is very difficult.
x>y; /ɪkˈsiːd/
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If x exceeds y, x is or becomes larger or better than y.
The company's 2005 revenue exceeds that of 2004.
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Flexibility is the quality of being flexible.
uncountable, sometimes countable
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If you ignore someone or something, you don't listen to, look at, or pay attention to them.
He says he should be paid for fixing it, but he's ignoring the fact that it wasn't broken.
verb; scold; /ˈlektʃər/
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If you lecture someone, you scold them.
noun; /teɪp/
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tape po angielsku
Tape is a long thin material, often with glue on one side; long, narrow, flexible material with magnetic properties used for recording sounds and pictures.
We can fix the tear with some tape.
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