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Pytanie Odpowiedź
Deducir, Inferir algo de, sacar una conclusión de.
to deduce, to form an opinion about something that is based on information that you already have. (see also: figure out (from), work out (from).
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INFER something FROM something else. ---- Teacher Melany said, much of the meaning must be "inferred from" the context.
Emy, If you can "infer the meaning of a phrasal verb from" the context in which you find it, you’ll remember it much more easily. ---------- INFER something FROM something.
(Deterear de), desanimar de, desalentar de, Impedir de.
to make someone decide not to do something. (see also: put off).
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DETER somebody FROM doing. ---- Antoniio Valdez said, the number of spectators at the golf tournament was down today.
The rain must have "deterred many people from" coming to watch. Daniel said, the rain didn’t "deter people from" coming to the game. ----- DETER somebody FROM doing.
Prevenir que, evitar que.
to prevent someone from doing something, especially work, by spending time with them.
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KEEP someone/something FROM doing something. ---- The troops withheld fire to keep the situation from escalating... These worries kept her from sleeping properly. ------ KEEP somebody/something FROM something.
Tribilin said, I had to put my hand across her mouth to KEEP her FROM shouting. Ceci said, a drop of oil in the pan will "keep the spaghetti from" sticking together. -------- KEEP somebody/something FROM something.
No pude pedir por algo mejor.
if you say that you couldn't ask for someone or something better, you mean that that person or thing is the best of their kind.
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COULDN’T ASK FOR something. ----- Manuel Ovi said, we won the game by six goals to one. We "couldn’t have asked for" a better result.
Efrain is great to work for - I really "couldn't ask for" a better boss. ---------------------- COULDN’T ASK FOR something.
Conformarse con algo, estar conforme con algo.
to accept something, often something that is not exactly what you want, or is not the best.
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SETTLE FOR something. ---- Jane said, the workers "settled for" a ten-dollar wage rise and ended their strike, even though some of them wanted to hold out for more. ------------ SETTLE FOR something.
Enrique Bermudez said, it looks like she'll probably have to "settle for" second place. ------------ SETTLE FOR something.
Standear Por algo, significar, representar.
what something means or represents.
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STAND FOR something. ---- Teacher Matt said that the letters ‘CEO’ "stand for" Chief Executive Officer.
Hey Crhist do you know what do the letters ‘ONU’ "stand for"?. -------- STAND FOR something.
Aguantar, tolerar, soportar. Standear, ó standear Por. aceptar, soportar.
to accept or tolerate behaviour without complaining or without trying to change it. (see also: put up with). not to tolerate something that someone does.
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STAND or STAND FOR something. ---- Edgar said, our boss won’t "stand for" workers being late. He tells us we’ll get fired if we don’t get to work on time. ---------- STAND or STAND FOR something.
Essy said, I won't "stand for" this kind of behaviour in my house!... No one makes a fool of me. I won’t stand for it!. ----------- STAND or STAND FOR something.
Apoyar, defender a algo/alguién, Standear Por...
if a group of people stand for a set of ideas, they support those ideas, or if something stands for a particular idea, it represents that idea.
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STAND FOR someone/something. ------ The Republicans say they "stand for" traditional family values, but Donal says they really stand for the interests of large corporations.
Mike Pence said that the party "stands for" low taxes and the private ownership of industries. ------- STAND FOR someone/something.
Hablar Por alguien.
to represent the feelings or opinions of another person or group of people.
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SPEAK FOR somebody. ---- Teacher Melany said, I can’t "speak for" the other teachers, but I’d love to try a new textbook. You’d better ask the others before you make a decision, though.
The manager of the airline said. I "speak for" all of us when I say how sorry I am for this mistake. --------- SPEAK FOR somebody.
(Enviar Por Algo/Alguien), mandar a alguien por algo, ir a buscar a, mandar a buscar a.
to send someone a message asking them to come to see you.
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SEND FOR something/somebody. ---- Jose Romo said, I was really worried when my boss "sent for" me.
Jane said, If someone gets hurt in the factory, "send for" an ambulance and a doctor straight away. You don’t need permission from anyone first. ---------------------- SEND FOR something/somebody.
Anhelar por, ansiar por, Longear Por algo, decear por.
to want something very much.
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LONG FOR something. ----- It was freezing outside, and Marcia longed for a hot drink.
The homeless said, I haven't eaten for two days and I'm longing for something to eat. ------- LONG FOR something.
Vivero. (de plantas).
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plant nursery, garden center.

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