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Pytanie Odpowiedź
(Proveer Por alguién), (=), mantener a alguién.
to give someone the things they need, such as money, food, or clothes.
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PROVIDE FOR someone. ----- Fernando has a wife and three young children to "provide for".
Doctor Dyer said, If you can PROVIDE FOR yourself and your family by doing a job you love to do, you’re a very fortunate person. ------- PROVIDE FOR somebody.
Ansiar por, Longiar Por, anhelar por.
to want something very much. (see also: yearn for).
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LONG FOR something/somebody. ---- It was freezing outside, and Ceci "longed for" a hot drink.
Maggy "longs for" the days when it was safe in her town and she could walk around without worrying about being robbed. ------- LONG FOR something/somebody.
Escojer, elejir, Goir Por algo, decidirse por.
to choose something. (see also: opt for, pick out).
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GO FOR something. --- Pepin said, when you're buying a computer, "go for" one with a lot of memory. I think I’ll go for the steak. What are you having?.
She went for the blue car instead of the red one... If Kathy Williams's on her first date with a guy, she "goes for" the most expensive thing on the menu and then watches to see how the guy reacts. ------- GO FOR something.
Venderse por, Goir Por.
to be sold for a particular amount of money.
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GO FOR. --- Maria Fonseca said, one-bedroom apartments "go for" about $80,000 in this part of town.
Lalo said, the house next door went for about $500,000 a year ago, so how much do you think this one will "go for"?. --------- GO FOR.
Sentir pena o lástima por alguién, Feel Por alguién.
to feel sorry or sympathy for someone because they are very unhappy or in a difficult situation.
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FEEL FOR somebody. ---- I really "feel for" Orlando having to take the exam all over again.
Teresa stays out late and comes home drunk. Her neighbours "feel for" her children, but they don’t know what they can do for them. ---- FEEL FOR somebody.
Labioso, con mucha labia, (Smoothy guy).
relaxed, confident, and pleasant in a way that may be intended to deceive people.
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a SMOOTH guy. ---- Serapio's a "smooth" talker. ----- a SMOOTH guy.
The "smooth" talk of the salesman Luis Lopez let him make good money. ------- a SMOOTH guy.
Engañar, Folliar Por algo, creerse.
to be tricked into believing something that is not true.
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FALL FOR something. --- Melany Trump often "falls for" the extravagant claims of slimming products.
The salesman Olmedo is trying to talk you into spending more money than you really need to. Don’t "fall for" it!. ---- FALL FOR something.
Enamorarse de, Foliar Por alguién, quedarse encantado con alguién.
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FALL FOR somebody. --- Ibanka "fell for" a tall, handsome Frenchman when she was on holiday in Paris. -------- FALL FOR somebody.
Ramiro "fell for" Socorro as soon as they met. He says it was love at first sight. --------- FALL FOR somebody.
Confundir a alguien ó algo con otra persona ó cosa, mistkiar algo ó alguien Por.
to think that a person or thing is someone or something else.
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MISTAKE sth/sb FOR sth/sb. ---- The gunman Ovidio Guzman had "mistaken the candidate for" a drug dealer. ------- MISTAKE sth/sb FOR sth/sb.
Police in Dallas "mistook an innocent man for" a terrorist they were hunting, and shot him. They said he looked like the terrorist they wanted. -------- MISTAKE sth/sb FOR sth/sb.
Ansiar por, itchiar Por, anhelar por.
to want something very much. (see also: dying for, yearn for).
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ITCH FOR something. ----- Mike Mastruany said, by four o'clock I was "itching for" the meeting to end. ------ ITCH FOR something.
I’m "itching for" a game of golf said Donal. I haven’t played all week and I really feel like getting out on the course and hitting a ball. ----- ITCH FOR something.
Goir Por algo ó alguién, lanzarse por algo o alguién.
to go somewhere in order to get someone or something.
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GO FOR someone/something. --- She’s just gone for the kids – she’ll be back any minute. ------ GO FOR someone/something.
Why don't you and Phil go for some beer?. ------ GO FOR someone/something.
Elegir Por algo, Goir Por algo, decidirse por algo.
Gustar algo, agradar algo,. to like a particular type of person or thing.
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GO FOR something. --- So I could go for a cup of coffee right now. ------ GO FOR something.
I don’t really go for horror films. When I see how she looks at him, I can tell she really goes for him. ------ GO FOR something.
Irsele a los chingasos a alguién, (Goir ForPor alguién), atacar, lanzarse a atacar a alguién.
to attack someone physically.
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GO FOR someone. ----- Melania went for Donal with a knife. ----- GO FOR someone.
Olmedo's dog looked as if it was about to go for me. ----- GO FOR someone.

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