słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. abruptly

wheel of time
Cold Little Hand
angielski 28,29,30
tennyson, rimbaud

2. all of a sudden

All of a sudden, David received a phone call from Olive.
All of a sudden, Hassan's store began to grow and grow!
All of the sudden he leapt out of the water.
We were trekking in a forest, when all of a sudden an enormous bear appeared in front of us.
without warning

Co się napatoczy
lesson 11 GOLD
Wypadek samochodowy słówka
Idiomy angielskie

3. suddenly

All on (of) a sudden a bike appeared in front of my car.
While talking over the phone, all at once, a bike appeared in front of my car.

the invisible man
Zosia W 25.01.18r
fullblast3 4c
a way out of hell
Przypadkowe słówka

4. out of the blue

Then one day, completely out of the blue, I got a pay rise.
This morning's test came out of the blue for every one of us.
This problem did not come out of the blue.
she phoned me out of the blue

Idiomy angielskie
Idiomy Angielskie
Unit 2 rich amd poor
unit 8 cz. 2
ang. słówka z CZASEM

5. all at once

They all started talking at once.

Don't sell my house - part 1
ang. słówka z CZASEM

6. All of the sudden

Yes, and why are you so interested all of a all of the sudden?

7. all of sudden

suddenly she saw a cat again.

New Matura Success Upper Intermediate, Unit 4
angielski CE

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