słownik polsko - angielski

język polski - English

ukazywać po angielsku:

1. depict

This painting depicts Saint Joseph.
Her ​paintings depict the ​lives of ​ordinary ​people in the last ​century.
His book depicts the lives of ordinary people in rural areas.
This picture depicts flowers
Steven Spielberg depicts these dinosaurs as being very social creatures.
The novel depicts the social life of urban community.
And generally we depict our ideas about this history in the form of trees like this.
We'll depict sigmoid neurons in the same way we depicted perceptrons.
He has depicted for the first team in 1980-81 season.
they depict beautifil landscapes
He vividly depicted the whole event
to represent or show something in a picture, story, movie, etc.; portray: The movie depicts his father as a tyrant.