Extra unit 1 - Health

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Pytanie Odpowiedź
ingresado en el hospital
If you need medical care, you may be taken there and treated
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admitted to hospital
dado de alta
After treatment, you are given permission to leave
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convalecer, recuperarse, recuperación
Then you may go home to spend time recovering
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convalesce, recuperate, recuperation
ponerme a gusto
make sb feel relaxed and not nervous
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put me at my ease
mantenerme informado
continue to give sb information about sth
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keep me informed
ella estaba impecable
perfectly clean
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she was spotless
todo se hizo con cuidado meticuloso
paying careful attention to every detail
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everything was done with meticulous (fastidious) care
Expr: Nada es mucho problema
sb is always ready to help
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nothing is too much trouble
Tuve una cirujía (de ojo) menor en mi rodilla
a medical operation in which only a very small cut is made in the body
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I had keyhole surgery on my knee
el tratamiento fue insuperable (el mejor)
if a treatment is the best
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the treatment was second to none
Yo sé que el personal estaba saturado (sobre pasar sus pies)
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I know staff were rushed off their feet
Nadie hizo caso a mis llamadas de ayuda
pay (no) attention to sth/sb
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no one took any notice of my calls for help
principiante (junior)
having a low rank in an organization or profession.
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con experiencia (mayor)
having a high rank in an organisation or profession
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a situation full of confusion due to a mistake
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mix-up (muddle)
¿Cómo me registro con un médico de cabecera?
put your name on an official list
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How do I register with a GP?
¿Cómo obtengo una derivación a un especialista?
the act of sending sb to get professional help
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How do I get referral to a specialist?
¿Puedo solicitar una segunda opinión?
advice from another person (i.e. not the original doctor)
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Can I request a second opinion?
¿Son los registros médicos estrictamente confidenciales?
meant to be kept secret
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Are medical records strictly confidential?
¿Qué pasa si sospecho negligencia médica?
fml failure to give proper care or attention
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What if I suspect medical negligence?
¿Cómo puedo acceder a atención fuera de horas en mi área?
fml reach, enter, or use sth
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How do I access out of hours care in my area?
¿Puedo hacerme una cirugía estética sin cargo?
medical treatment intended to improve sb's appearance
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Can I get cosmetic surgery free of charge?
cirugía plástica
surgical repair after accidents, burns, etc.
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plastic surgery
¿Cómo puedo obtener datos sobre ensayos clínicos?
a piece or period of research on the effectiveness or safety of drugs or treatment
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How can I get hold of data about clinical trials?
¿La medicina complementaria está disponible gratuitamente?
treatments that are not part of traditional Western medicine, eg. Acupuncture
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Is complementary medicine freely available?
disolver algo
mis a solid with liquid until it becomes part of it
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dissolve sth
disolverse en algo
is sth is soluble it can be sissolved, e.g. soluble spirin
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dissolve in sth
the state of not having any energy to do things
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the state of feeling tired and almost asleep
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Estoy soñoliento después de comer.
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I get sleepy after eating.
término corto
lasting only a short period
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dosis (o dosis)
the amount of a medicine that you take at any one time
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dose (or dosage)
included inside sth else, usually inside a letter or packet
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Please find enclosed documents.
one or several pages of information about sth
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The handout includes the list of textbooks for the course.
efecto secundario
an extra and usually bad effect that a drug has on you
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side effect
an illnes in a part of the body
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descartar algo
get rid of sth you no longer want or need
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discard sth
persistir continuará existiendo
(usado especialmente sobre algo desagradable)
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persist continue to exist
(used especially about sth unpleasant)
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fecha de caducidad
the date after wich sth should not be used
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expiry date
La garantía expira en diciembre.
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The guarantee expires in December.
picazón en el cuero cabelludo
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itchy scalp
cuero cabelludo
the skin covering the part of the head where your hair is
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rascar, rasguño
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terrible dolor de cabeza
a very bad headache
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splitting headache
fiebre del heno (alergia al polen)
an allergy affecting the nose, eyes, and throat, caused by pollen from plants
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hay fever
úlceras bucales
small sore areas inside the mouth, usually lasting a few days.
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mouth ulcers
put a bone out of its normal position
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A heavy fall onto the arm may result in a dislocated shoulder.
sarpullido desagradable
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nasty rash
an area of red spot on the skin, caused by an illness or a reaction to sth
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Jimmy is very nasty.
malestar estomacal
a stomach problem causing sickness or diarrhoea
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upset stomach
passing waste from the body too often and in liquid form
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Bad diarrhoea and vomiting often lead to dehydration.
unable to ove waste material from the body
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the pressure of the bood as it moves round the body.
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high blood pressure
presión arterial baja
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low blood pressure
Me torcí el tobillo
injure a part of the body (usually the wrist or ankle) by turning it suddenly
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I sprained my ankle
Tiró un músculo en el entrenamiento (le dio un tirón)
injure a muscle by stretching it too much
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He pulled a muscle in training
Tengo una ampolla en el talón por usar esos zapatos nuevos
a sore swelling on the surface of the skin (here on the back of the foot) often caused by rubbing or burning.
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I have a blister on my heel from wearing those new shoes

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