SMS Texting Acronyms

W zestawie znajdują się najczęściej używane angielskie skróty z sms-ów i chatu.

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Pytanie English
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As a matter of fact

Addicted to Love

As Far As I Know

Away From Keyboard

Also known as

All I want is You

All my love

As Soon As Possible

All the best

At the keyboard

At the moment

At the weekend

Bye For Now

Back At Keyboard

Be Back Later

Be Back Soon

Be Right Back

By The Way

See you later

Do you remember

Ear to ear grin

End of discussion

Face to face

Free to talk

Frequently Asked Questions

Fingers Crossed

For Your Information

Glad to see you

Hugs and Kisses

Hope to see you soon

Have a good night

Have a nice day

I dont know

I love you

In my opinion

Just for fun

Keep in touch

Laughing out loud

Long time no see

Mind your own business

No Reply Necessary

Please call me

Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

Are you Ok?

Sooner or later

Think positive

Time to Go

Talk to you later

Talk To You Later

Waiting for you

What the f...

Where are you from?

To be continued

To whom it may concern

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