5. Business Law - 4

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zabezpieczyć, wynagrodzić, rekompensować
The airline will dineynifm passengers for lost luggage to the value of £500. (to pay for loss or damage suffered)
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orzecz, rozstrzygnąć
The tribunal will udditecaja the claim and award damages where necessary. (to give a judgement between two parties)
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likwidować, sprzedać majątek
In order to raise enough money for its new venture, the company decided to diqielatu some of its assets. (to sell assets or stock to raise cash)
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All of our employees are tielent to four weeks' holiday a year. (to have or give someone the right to do something)
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prowadzić mediację
A neutral party was called in to tedaime between the manager and his staff. (to try to make two sides in an argument come to an agreement)
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The contract is still being frtad, but we expect it to be ready for signing early next week. (to make a first rough plan of a document such as a contract)
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A lot of people were unhappy when he was paintpo to the post of Managing Director. (to choose someone for a job)
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We must allow sufficient time to sepela before we make a claim. (of time: to pass)
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wyłudzać, oszukać
The company has been accused of trying to efrudad customers. (to trick someone so as to obtain money or goods illegally)
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26. The paper has no right to clodseis the details of our agreement. (to tell details)
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zakazać, zabronić
A court injunction has nab the company from trading in the area. (to forbid something, or make it illegal)
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Because a new company has taken over, the contract has been dvaatineli. (to make something no longer valid)
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odstąpić, uchylić, zrezygnować
In view of the inconvenience we have caused, we are willing to vawei all payments due. (to say that something is not necessary)
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The local authority gatnr the company an interest-free loan to start up the new factory. (to agree to give someone something, or to allow someone to do something)
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The plan has to be fatyir by the board before it can be put into operation. (to approve officially something that has already been decided)
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umieszczony na czarnej liście
After he was accused of insider dealing, his firm was clabstkli by the government. (to put goods, people or a company on a list of those that you will not deal with)
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uchybienie, niezapłacenie, zaniedbanie, niewywiązanie
Penalties will be applied if you fdaetul on your repayments. (to fail to carry out the terms of a contract, especially to fail to pay back a debt)
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pzejąć własność z powodu niespłaty długu uzywając nieruchomości jako zabezpieczenia, foreclose a mortgaged property - sprzedać nieruchomość obciążoną hipoteką w celu jej spłaty
When the company was unable to repay the loan, the bank clefeosor on its premises. (to take possession of a property because the owner cannot repay money he / she has borrowed using the property as security)
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prowadząc spór
The case might last longer than we expected, because the defendant is uditeps the claim. (to argue against something; to say that something is not correct)
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The judge dwraa compensatory damages to the claimant. (to decide the amount of money to be given to someone)
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The company assured us it would do all the work itself, but it accobnsutrt part of the job to a local firm. (to agree with a company that they will do all or part of the work for a project)
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The court was unable to decide whether the patent had been gfriinen. (to make a product in the same way as another product which has been patented, and not pay royalties)
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Non-profit organisations will be petmex from tax. (to free someone from having to pay tax)
wound up
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postanowić o wszczęciu likwidacji
The court ordered the company to be ndwi pu (2 words). (to put a company into liquidation)
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The claimant gaelle that the article was an infringement of his copyright. (to state, usually in giving evidence, that something has happened or is true)
abide by
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stosując się do, przestrzegając
The company did not biead yb (2 words) the terms of the agreement. (to accept a rule or follow a custom)
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przekazać majątek
On liquidation, the firm's property was stev in the bank. (to transfer to someone the legal ownership and possession of land or a right)
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We are mical £5,000 as compensation from our suppliers. (to ask for money)
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Mr and Mrs Douglas' solicitor advised them to ekse an injunction against the magazine in the High Court. (to ask for or try to do something)
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Workers are allowed to tkesri in protest against bad working conditions. (to stop working because there is no agreement with management)
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wynajmuje, wydzierżawia
The company owns several apartments, which it tel to private tenants. (to allow someone to use a building in return for money)
power of attorney (other expressions with power include: power of advancement; power of appointment;
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An official power giving someone the right to act on someone else's behalf in legal matters is called
data protection
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ochrona danych
The protecting of information about individuals stored in a computer from being copied or used wrongly
without prejudice
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zastrzeżenie zabezpieczające przed sądem lub trzecią stroną
phrase spoken or written in a letter when attempting to negotiate a settlement which means that the negotiations cannot be referred to in court or relied upon by the other party if discussions fail.
joint venture
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spółka typu joint venture
a business partnership where two or more companies join together as partners for a limited period.
force majeure
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siła wyższa
an expression of French origin that is used for something which happens which is out of control of the parties who have signed a contract (for example, a war or a storm), and is also known as an act of God.
grievance procedure
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procedura rozpoznawania skarg
refers to the various steps an employee takes if he / she wants to complain about his / her employers.
articles of association (also called articles of incorporation. A partnership has articles of partnership
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statut, umowa spółki
the contents of a document which regulate the way in which a company's affairs (such as the appointment of directors or the rights of shareholders) are managed.
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prawo pierwokupu
A section in a company's (number 7 above) which requires any shares offered for sale to be first offered to existing shareholders
winding up
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employers' liability
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odpowiedzialności pracodawców
The legal responsibility of an employer when employees are subject to accidents due to negligence on the part of an employer
vicarious liability
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zastępcza odpowiedzialność
The legal responsibility of one person for the actions of another person, especially the responsibility of an employer for acts committed by an employee in the course of work,
limited liability
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z o.o.
a company where each shareholder is responsible for paying the company's debts only to the face value of the shares he / she owns.
memorandum of association
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statut spółki statut stowarzyszenia umowa spółki dokument założycielski spółki akcyjnej akt założycielski
a legal document setting up a limited company and giving details of its aims, capital structure, and registered office
memorandum of satisfaction
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dokument potwierdzający spłatę hipoteki
a document showing that a company has repaid a mortgage or charge.
joint and several liability
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odpowiedzialność solidarna
A situation where two or more parties share a single legal responsibility, and each party is also liable for the whole claim,
out of court settlement
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pozasądowa ugoda
When a dispute between two parties is settled before it gets to court
freezing injunction
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zamrożenie środków przez sąd
When an overseas company (or an individual) cannot access its assets because a court order prevents it from doing so
unliquidated damages
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odszkodowanie nieoznaczone
compensatory payments which are not for a fixed amount of money but are awarded by a court as a matter of discretion depending on the case.
burden of proof
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ciężar dowodu
The duty to prove that something which has been alleged in court is true is known as the
unprofessional conduct
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nieprofesjonalne zachowanie
Behaviour which is not suitable for a professional person and goes against the code of practice of a profession
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Facts which are secret and must not be passed on to other people
employment tribunal
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sąd pracy
A body responsible for hearing work-related complaints as specified by statute
obligation of confidentiality
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Obowiązek zachowania tajemnicy
a legally-binding rule that is imposed on the recipient of private or secret information which states that the recipient should not pass the information on to someone else
registered trade mark
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zarejestrowany znak towarowy
The name, design or other feature which identifies a commercial product, has been registered by the maker and cannot be used by other makers
intellectual property
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własność intelektualna
something such as a copyright, patent or design which someone has created or produced that no-one else can legally copy, use or sell.
terms and conditions
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warunki umowne
The conditions which have to be carried out as part of a contract, or arrangements which have to be made before a contract is valid,
wrongful dismissal
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bezprawne zwolnienie
27. The removal of someone from a job for a reason that cannot be justified, and which is in breach of contract,
unfair competition
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nieuczciwa konkurencja
an attempt by one company to do better than another company by using methods such as importing foreign products at very low prices or by wrongly criticising a competitor's products.
fundamental breach
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zasadnicze niedotrzymanie umowy
A failure to carry out an essential or basic term of a contract is known
compulsory liquidation
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likwidacja przymusowa
when a court orders a company to close and its assets to be sold.
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podjąć, zobowiązać
The company ernudketa to provide quality service at a competitive cost. (to promise to do something)
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The document has been fcrieyt as a true copy. (to make an official declaration in writing

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