7. Consumer Rights - 2

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claim for compensation
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powództwo o odszkodowanie roszczenie o odszkodowanie żądanie odszkodowania skarga odszkodowawcza
claim form
Claimants must submit a claim form to receive the refund.
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formularz roszczeniowy formularz podania
a document that sometimes has to be completed when making an official request or demand
County Court
(Law) (in England) a local court exercising limited jurisdiction in civil matters
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sąd hrabstwa
in your favour
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na jego rzecz, na jego korzyść
issue the proceedings
The Department of Health issued the guidelines after a legal case by the Family Planning Association.
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wszcząć postępowanie
to produce something official, such as an important document or statement
make a claim
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wnieść pozew
poor workmanship
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słaba jakość wykonania
preliminary hearing
Any preliminary ruling not appealed within 30 days becomes final and is not subject to judicial review.
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wstępne przesłuchanie
if something is preliminary to something else, then it comes before a more important event, and is often one that helps prepare for that more important event; hearing - an official meeting held at court, usually in connection with a lawsuit; a trial
reasonable care and skill
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należyta staranność
reasonable charge
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rozsądna opłata
the customer should not have to pay an excessive amount of money
received satisfaction
If you need to make a claim against a shop, company or other provider, because you have not received satisfaction from that shop, company, etc, you can do so through the County Court
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otrzymać zaspokojenie
serve a claim
His lawyeres have served a writ for £500,000 in damages against the newspaper.
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doręczyć pozew
to give a legal document to someone telling them that they must go to court or obey a court order
Small Claims court
Claims of up to £1,000 can be made in the small claims court.
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Sąd w sprawie drobnych roszczeń
a special court of limited jurisdiction established to provide the quick resolution of small civil lawsuits
specified period
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określony okres
particulars of claim
The particulars of claim were filed and served on the defendant (=person against whom action is brought).
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opis pozwu, szczegóły pozwu, opis roszczenia. Dokument przedłozony w sadzie w sprawie roszczenia o odszkodowanie skladający sie z particulars of negligence, particulars of injury, particulars of special damage.
document setting out the case of the claimant (=person who brings an action in a court) and the specific facts relied upon
serve with legal process
Mr Sim has proved very difficult to serve with legal process.
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doręczyć dokumenty o wszczęciu postępowania
to give someone official notice of legal proceedings against them so that they can prepare for trial. The term also refers to the delivery of court documents such as summonses, complaints, subpoenas, writs etc to the individual to whom the legal document is directed.

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