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Venirle bien, podria hacer con algo, (Cud, Du Wit somting), Podria caer bien.
to need or want something or someone.
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COULD DO WITH Something. ------- My house could do with a new paint job. It’s looking dull and a bit dirty. ---------------------- COULD DO WITH Something.
I been working too hard today in this heat, I could do with a cold beer. --------------------------- COULD DO WITH Something.
Descomponerse, (romper abajo), fallar.
ROMPER, QUEBRAR ABAJO. if a machine or vehicle breaks down, it stops working.
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BREAK DOWN. ------- When Katty Williams was driving to work her Blazer truck broke down, so she left it on the side of the road and took a taxi instead. ----------------------- BREAK DOWN.
The car broke down just outside Winchester. ----------- BREAK DOWN.
Romper en llanto, (romper abajo), llorar en publico.
to start crying, especially in public.
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BREAK DOWN. ------- Silvestre said, Gabby broke down at the funeral, so I gave her a tissue to wipe the tears from her eyes. -------------------------- BREAK DOWN.
Madonna BROKE DOWN and cried when she saw his boyfriend coming out of the motel with another girl. ------------- BREAK DOWN.
Recular, retroceder, (backear Abajo), dar marcha atrás, dejar de pelear, parar de pelear.
to stop arguing or fighting for something, to surrender, to bend under pressure.
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BACK DOWN, or BACK DOWN ON Something. ------ We will not back down on the decision to strike... ----------- BACK DOWN, or BACK DOWN ON Something.
The strike is expected to continue because neither side is willing to back down... When Colombian people threatened with a revolt of its own supporters, the government backed down. ---------- BACK DOWN, or BACK DOWN ON Something.
Calmarse, (setlear abajo), apasiguarse, tranquilizarse.
to become quiet and calm or to make someone do this.
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SETTLE DOWN. ------ Gela said, the kids were so excited that it took me over an hour to settle them down again. ------------------ SETTLE DOWN.
Anna was really excited when we told her about her promotion, but she’s settled down again now... Settle down, children. When things settle down here, I'll come for a visit. ------- SETTLE DOWN. ------
Bajar los precios, rebajar, (goir abajo), disminuir. el costo de algo.
to become lower in level. I
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GO DOWN. ------- The cost of airline tickets is going down because of the competition from budget airlines. ------------- GO DOWN.
House prices "went down" in July following an increase in the previous two months. ----------------- GO DOWN.
Anotar algo, (notiar abajo algo), escribir algo.
to write words or numbers, often so that you do not forget them.
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NOTE DOWN Something. -------- Can I borrow your pen, please?. I just need to note down this address in case I forget it. ----------------------------------------------- NOTE DOWN Something.
I noted down the telephone number of the agency. ------------- NOTE DOWN Something.
Venirse encima, echarse encima, (oso abajo onorio). aventarse encima sobre algo ó alguien.
OSO ABAJO SOBRE algo, alguien. to move quickly towards someone or something in a threatening or determined way.
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BEAR DOWN ON Something/Somebody. ------- The demostrators looked scared as police bore down on them, waving their (nightsticks or batons) as they moved in. ----------------------------------------------- BEAR DOWN ON Something/Somebody.
A large bus was bearing down on the protesters at high speed. ------------- (BEAR DOWN ON) Something/Somebody.
Regatearle a alguién el precio de algo, (bitear alguién abajo), regatear.
to haggle, to force someone to reduce the price of something.
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BEAT Somebody DOWN. ----- Ceci BEAT the seller DOWN to $100 for the fridge. --------------------------- BEAT Somebody DOWN.
The dealer was asking $5000 for the car, but I managed to beat him down to $4600. --------------------------- BEAT Sb DOWN.
Derrocar, colapsar, hacer caer. (bringuear abajo algo, ó alguién), derrocar a alguien.
TRAER - ABAJO algo o alguien. to cause people in positions of power [e.g. government, president] to lose their position.
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BRING DOWN Something or Somebody. ----- The current crisis threatens to bring down the government. --------------------------- BRING DOWN Something or Somebody.
Rebel fighters want to bring down the government and take control of the country. --------------------------- BRING DOWN Something or Somebody.
Quemarse, calsinarse, (burnear abajo), consumir por el fuego.
to destroy something, especially a building, by fire, or to be destroyed by fire. (see also: burn up).
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BURN DOWN. ------ The house burned down in the fire. There was nothing left but rubble. --------------------------- BURN DOWN.
They came back to find that their house had burnt down. ---------- BURN DOWN.
Invocar, reprimir, (col alguién ó algo abajo), regañar, retar.
LLAMAR alguien, algo ABAJO. to invoke or pray some sort of punishment from the heavens onto someone, or to make something unpleasant happen to someone. (see also: tell off).
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CALL someone or something DOWN. ------ Mister Trump didn't fear that such an act would call down the wrath of God. ----------------------- CALL someone or something DOWN.
The prophet CALLED DOWN a plague to all the corrupt people. ----------- CALL someone or something DOWN.
Minimizar, no dar importancia, (jugar abajo), restar importancia a.
to make something seem less important than it is.
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PLAY DOWN. ------ In my job interview I PLAYED DOWN my previous failures and emphasized my successes. --------- PLAY DOWN.
Mister Trump has tried to PLAY DOWN the seriousness of the demonstration. -------------- PLAY DOWN.
Parar, (flaguear abajo), haciendo señas con la mano como si fuera una bandera.
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FLAG, or FLAG DOWN. -------- It's hard to flag down a taxi during the rush hour. ------- FLAG, or FLAG DOWN.
The hooker flagged down a passing motorist... ------- FLAG, or FLAG DOWN.
Romper abajo un trato, romper acuerdos, (romper abajo), debilitarse, colapsar.
to collapse, become weak.
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BREAK DOWN. ------- Talks between the army and rebels broke down after more bomb attacks. ------------------ BREAK DOWN.
The union called a strike after talks broke down over retirement benefits. ------------ BREAK DOWN.
Atropellar, (noquear abajo), tirar al suelo.
to hit someone with a vehicle so that they are injured or killed.
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KNOCK DOWN. ------- The car knocked Armando Mendoza down as he crossed the street. ------ KNOCK DOWN.
KNOCK DOWN. ------- Sue was knocked down just yards from her home. KNOCK DOWN. -------
Reducir, rebajar, (noquear abajo), recortar el precio de algo.
reduce the price of something, to cause to fall to the ground.
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KNOCK DOWN. ------- No one was buying anything so they decided to knock down the prices. ------ KNOCK DOWN.
They’ve knocked down the shoes to $50 for this week only. ------ NOCK DOWN.
Demoler, (noquear abajo), derrumbar.
to demolish.
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KNOCK DOWN. ------- The old office building was knocked down to make place for a new shopping mall. --------- KNOCK DOWN.
The hospital in Chicago Heights was knocked down to build a huge store. --------- KNOCK DOWN.
Regatear, (Chafferear), pelear el precio de algo.).
to beat down the price of something. to bargain or haggle about the terms of an agreement or price of something.
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CHAFFER. ------- "I always chaffered in the bazaars for objects I wanted. ------- to CHAFFER.
You can get even better deals if you’re prepared to chaffer. ------- to CHAFFER.

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