Los significados de la palabra ¨jerk¨ en inglés.

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Como se escribe:? - - - - Anhelar, ansiar por algo, añorar por algo. ----- jankear after ó jankear for.
to want something very much, especially something that you know you should not want.
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HANKER AFTER/FOR. ----- Granpha said, Even after all these years I still HANKER AFTER a motorbike.
Rose said, I'm supposed to be on a diet and I can't stop HANKERING AFTER some chocolate. ----------- HANKER AFTER/FOR.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Cuidar de alguién ó algo, (lukear después alguién ó algo), ocuparse de algo ó alguièn, proveer cuidado a alguién ó algo.
to take care of someone or something by doing what is needed to keep them well or in good condition. (see also: care for).
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LOOK AFTER sb/sth. ----- We need a baby-sitter to LOOK AFTER the kids while we’re at the party.
Kaz, do you think you could LOOK AFTER our dog while we're away?. ----- LOOK AFTER sb/sth.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Preguntar por alguién, askear después alguien, por alguién.
to ask for information about someone, especially about their health.
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ASK AFTER somebody. ----- I got an email from Mary and she asked after you. I said you were fine and doing well in your new job.
I met one of your old friends dad and he was asking/inquiring after you. --------- ASK AFTER sb.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Criticar a alguién, Guetear after someone, hablar mal de alguién.
to keep criticizing someone because they have not done something.
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GET AFTER someone. ------ Hector’s always GETTING AFTER Dante about his slow production.
Ramon said, Jane’s always GETTING AFTER me about the dirty toilet. --------- GET AFTER someone.
Como se escribe:? - - - - ir tras de alguién, ir tras la caza de alguién, guetear después alguien, perseguir a alguién.
to chase a person or animal.
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GET AFTER someone/something. ------ Don’t just stand there talking Tito. Get after them!.
Get after Maria Ovi and give her the message before she leaves the building.--------- GET AFTER someone/something.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Estar atraido sexualmente por, estar jarioso, lostiar después, morir de ganas por.
To be attracted sexually. to have a sex drive. the urge to seek satisfaction of sexual needs.
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LUST AFTER. ------ Don Juan lusted after every woman he saw.
Donal secretly "lust after" his friend’s wife. ---- LUST AFTER.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Morirse de ganas por algo, (lustiar por, lustiar after), tener muchas ganas por algo.
to want something very much.
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LUST AFTER/FOR. ----- Tania is lusting after a new smartphone.
Young men lusting after fast cars. -------- LUST AFTER/FOR.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Levantar y ordenar el tiradero que alguien dejo, (picar arriba después), recoger el tiradero.
to put things back in the place they are kept after someone has untidily left them in the wrong place.
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PICK UP AFTER. ----- I always have to pick up after Armando said Betty, because he leaves things all over the office.
Melania said, don't expect me to always pick up after you Donal!. --------- PICK UP AFTER.
Como se escribe:? - - - - - Nombrar ó Llamar Alguien después, nombrar a alguien, ponerle un nombre a alguien por alguien más.
to give someone or something the same name as someone or something else.
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NAME AFTER or CALL sb/sth AFTER. sb/sth. ------ We named our daughter after my grandmother, so now there are two Katherines in our family.
Thommy Horak was named or called after his grandfather. -------- NAME or CALL sb/sth AFTER. sb/sth.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Correr tras alguién ó algo, correr después, perseguir a alguien ó algo.
to chase someone or something that is moving away from you.
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RUN AFTER sb/sth. ------ My dog has a bad habit of RUNNING AFTER cars, and I’m worried that he’ll get run over one day.
I RAN AFTER Augusto with a pile of papers that he'd left behind. --------- RUN AFTER sb/sth.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Parecerse a alguién, teikiar después alguien, ser parecido a alguién.
to have a similar appearance or character as an older member of your family.
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TAKE AFTER sb. ------ Pepe Aguilar is very tall - he TAKES AFTER his famous father.
Sofia Guzman TAKES AFTER her mother with her bad temper. --------- TAKE AFTER sb.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Limpiar el tiradero que alguien mas deja, clean arriba después,.
to clean a place after someone has made it dirty or messy.
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CLEAN UP AFTER. ------ Residents have been told to CLEAN UP AFTER their dogs.
I'm tired of CLEANING UP AFTER Enriquito's mess. --------- CLEAN UP AFTER.
Como se escribe:? - - - - ir tras de alguién, goir despuès, perseguir a alguién.
to chase, to try to get or find something.
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GO AFTER. ------ Don Jose said, my wife looks upset, do you think I should GO AFTER her righ now?.
I got on my bike and WENT AFTER Thalia to tell her I'm sorry. --------- GO AFTER.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Ansiar por, creiviar después, ó creiviar por, anhelar por, morirse de ganas por.
to want something very much and in a way that is very hard to control.
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CRAVE AFTER/FOR. ----- After years in an office job, April found herself CRAVING AFTER an opportunity to work outdoors.
Donal still CRAVES FOR the recognition he feels he’s a great president. -------- CRAVE FOR/AFTER.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Preguntar por alguién, Incuaier after, Incuaier about, preguntar por alguién.
to ask someone about someone else, especially about how they are or what they are doing.
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INQUIRE AFTER/ABOUT. ----- Pope Francis greeted us warmly and INQUIRED AFTER our families.
Como se escribe:?. - - - Vengativo, vindictivo, vengativa. - - Suena como: (vindictiv).
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VINDICTIVE. - - vin - dic - ti - ve. - - vindictive.
Ella esta amargada y vengativa después de su divorcio.
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She is bitter and vindictive after her divorce.
Como se escribe:? - - - - Seguir a, perseguir a, meikiar después, perseguir a.
to chase someone or something.
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MAKE AFTER. ----- We MADE AFTER Juanes in a van.
The police "made after" the stolen car.-------- MAKE AFTER.
Como se escribe:? - - - - alegría de vivir, (deceo por la vida).
to have great enthusiasm for living.
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lust for life. ---- After quitting drugs, he developed a lust for life.
the artist’s lust for life

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