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brać po angielsku:

1. take take

Take care.
It is not necessary for you to take his advice if you don't want to.
We must take protective measures against floods.
Take one tablet a day until all of the medicine is gone.
Take lots of vitamin C to avoid catching cold.
Tom doesn't know whether he should take on the job or not.
Because I didn't take the bus, I'm still not home.
Taking a hot bath helps me take my mind off my worries.
You'll save yourself a lot of time if you take the car.
If you take a close look, you'll find that your friends and you have similar personalities.
Don't take it for granted that the nature is always there to help us.
Instead of cleaning the house today, I think I'll take a walk.
Thanks for having explained to me at last why people take me for an idiot.
On weekends, I take my dogs out for a long walk in the park.
Although teachers give a lot of advice, students don't always take it.

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2. take took taken take took taken

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3. take took take took

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4. take taken take taken

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