Collocations with the verb "to have"

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to drink a beverage, often alcoholic
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have a drink
How about having some drinks this evening?
about somebody who applied his skills or knowledge to acquire proficiency
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have practice at / in something
Jenny has a lot of practice in singing, she went to vocal classes.
to eat an evening meal
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have dinner
Our family has dinner all together.
to eat a morning meal
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have breakfast
Are we having breakfast in the hotel or in the city?
to feel nervous, anxious or to be in love
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have butterflies in one's stomach
Nick had butterflies in his stomach when he saw his future wife.
to be very angry
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have a fit
Mom will have a fit if she finds out about the broken cups.
to enjoy a moment
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have a good time
We went to the craziest party and had a good time.
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