Collocations with the preposition "at"

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to be astonished by something that was not expected
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be surprised at something
I was not surprised at your refusal.
to express pleasure because something unfortunate has happened
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gloat at something
You always gloat at my failures!
to feel upset or irritated because of something
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be annoyed at something
Selena is annoyed at her sister for singing in the bathroom.
to look at somebody / something for a long time
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stare at somebody / something
People stared at Christina when she was dancing.
to talk about something indirectly
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hint at something
My father was hinting at the right answer.
to do something well
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be good at something
Sarah is good at promising but she never keeps her words.
to express surprise when looking at something
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marvel at somebody / something
Many tourists come to marvel at the Eiffel Tower.
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