Collocations with the preposition "from"

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to gain something from an event, a person, an experience, etc.
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benefit from something
Jacklyn benefited from the rainy weather, she spent the entire day in her bed.
to get a good feeling or benefits from something
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derive something from something
Tina derives a lot of pleasure from painting.
to choose not to do something
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refrain from something
It's not easy to refrain from questions when you are curious.
to remove or be removed from a job
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resign from something
Mr. Kotler resigned from the position of marketing director.
to rescue from danger
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save somebody from something
Your call saved me from the accident.
to force somebody to leave a place
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expel somebody from (place)
The noisy kids were expelled from the class.
to stop an action from happening
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prevent somebody / something from doing something
Big posters appeared in our school to prevent pupils from smoking.
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