Collocations with the preposition "in"

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to take part in an activity
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be involved in something
Christine is involved in the party preparation.
to pay a lot of attention to something
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be absorbed in something
We were so absorbed in the movie that we didn't realize how much we ate.
to be discouraged because somebody / something did not meet one's expectations
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be disappointed in somebody / something
Silvia is disappointed in me because I didn't help her.
to share one's secrets to somebody
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confide in somebody
I confide in my sister, she knows everything about me.
to continue stubbornly doing something
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persist in something
The politician persists in telling lies.
to show passion, curiosity, involvement in an activity
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be interested in something
Simone is interested in learning to bake desserts.
to wear a piece of clothing
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be dressed in something
Classmates laughed at me because I was dressed in a sweater with deers.
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