Collocations with the verb "to save"

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to rescue / protect animals
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save animals
The Wildlife Conservation Society works on more than 500 projects to save animals.
to put money aside
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save money
I'm saving a lot of money by using coupons.
to keep one's reputation
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save face
The celebrity saved her face after the scandal.
to use something later because it brings the most pleasure
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save the best for last
I left the biggest slice of pizza for tomorrow - save the best for last.
to prevent from death
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save one's life
Our labrador saved the life of a drowning girl.
to not economize much money
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save a few coppers
He managed to save a few coppers by taking the tram instead of a taxi.
to avoid a bad situation
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save oneself the trouble
also: save you the bother
Next time, save yourself the trouble and ask for permission before leaving.
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