States nicknames- inne nazwy stanów

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Yellowhammer State

Land of the Midnight sun

Cooper State

The Golden State

Centinnial State

Contitution State

The First State

District of Columbia
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The District

Sunshine State

Peach State

Aloha State

Gem State

Prairie State

Hoosier State

Hawkeye State

Sunflower State

Bluegrass State

Pelican State

Pine Tree State

Old Line State

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The Bay State

The Great lake State

North Star State

Magnolia State

Show-me State

Treasure State

Cornhusker State

Silver State

New Hampshire
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The Granite State

Garden State

Land of Enchantmentn

The Empire State

North Carolina
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Old North State

North Dakota
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Peace Garden State

Buckeye State

The Sooner State

Beaver State

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Keystone State

Rhode Island
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Ocean State

South Carolina
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Palmetto State

South Dakota
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Mount Rushmore State

Big Bend State, The mother of southwester statesmen

Lone Star State

Beehive State

Green Montain State

Old Dominion State, Mother State

The Evergreen State

West Virginia
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Mountain State

America's Dairyland

Equality State

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