campaign vocabulary unit 1

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chain of command
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reporting to the commander

deployed chain of command,
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reporting to the command you are deployed

temporary duty assignment
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time detachment

mission purpose
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guy which load gun

assignement of a serviceman to new grouping

assign to separate mission or task

detach solider or sub-unit

appoint to a position

a task or new job

tour of duty
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trip in service

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register new service mumbers

to clear customs,
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go through

monitor the aircraft systems
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maintanin and check aircraft systems

maintain aircraft records
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prepare documentation aircraft

repair and services

change place or base

brief the crew
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instruct new staff

bombs from air

cargo manifest
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list of cargo and passangers

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checking after landing

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checking before take off

details of the flight

supervise aircraft loading
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control and check process loading

review inteligence information
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go throught again

contingency operation
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emergency operation

staging base
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place when troops can reorganize

time in grade
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time in your rank

id base card


flight engineer
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maintain to good condition

time in service
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time in job

performance report
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opinion your supervisor /assesment

you give from your superior recomendation

achievements general

you ranks high

discharge/dismissal from service

court martial
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millitary court

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prohibited relations between officers and enlisted

people with lower position

being control and subordinate

first day in service

saying hello

enlisted ranks
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raks bellow officers

position in task

unaccompanied tour
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tuor or duty without family

movement of troops

chief of staff
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szef sztabu

person temporary attached to HQ

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people and equipment in task

contiguency establishment of HQ
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emergency HQ

subsistence allowence
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money to cover meals

remove from service

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military building

to ask questions

too many

completely involved in sth


cautious / be alert/ ba carefull


apply for
ubiegać sie o coś


be posted away
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go to do some job

acts of fighting in a war
działania wojenne




market/change person with unit

contact/trepr with enemy

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