Słówka do 3go longa, niewpisane

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Pytanie English
Odpowiedź English

a rope that cowboys use

a trap made to catch wild animals

conceal a comment already given

rozpocznij naukę
full of vigour


pale because of illness

having strong smell

amusing, lively

trick, excuse to avoid difficulties


sharing regret

refers to eyes

holds a second job after regular working hours

sb who tries to teach the Bible

a spectacle involving shows in water

demands obedience



show that the blame cannot be justified

showing constant care

fill sb with shock, disgust

to pierce with a pointed weapon

critival, unpleasant

an instance of being naive

a main branch of a tree

concerns people who suffer from disease because of old age

feeling of uneasiness whose cause cannot be defined

a thing that gives strength and vitality

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