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to go though
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to experience sth unpleasant

to safeguard
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to protect

to give sb credit for
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to praise and recognise sb for sth

details or pieces of information

to be conditioned to do sth
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tough, trained to do sth

great sorrow, real or imagined cause for complaint

remaining part of sth that has been taken

not damaged (of things)

a grass widow
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a woman whose husband is away for a period of time

a landlubber
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a person who is not used to the sea or ships

someone who continues to work when his/her fellow-workers are on strike

a person who dislikes spending or giving money

konik (bilety)

a very important or influential person

a chatterbox
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someone who cannot stop talking

a gate-crasher
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a person who turns up at parties without being invited to them

a person who works inside an organization for a long time in order to provide secret information for the enemy

a smart aleck
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a person who annoys others by claiming to know everything and trying to sound clever

a soft touch
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a person from whom it is easy to get what one wants, for example money, because he/she is kind or easily deceived

a person with modern ideas who works with energy and enthusiasm and achieves great success in his or her job while still young

a very nice, dependable person

a person who buys and sells stolen goods

someone in a low-ranking position who has to do all the boring jobs that no one else wants to do

a rough diamond
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a person with a kind and generous nature, but whose outward appearance or manner is rather rough

a person who is expected to lose in a competition with someone else, or a weaker person who is always treated badly by others

a person who is very inquisitive about other people's affairs

a dark horse
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a person who has greater capabilities than he/she shows or other people are aware of

someone who informs the police about the people concerned in a crime. This person is often a criminal himself/herself

a person who is weak or a failure in some way and has to be helped by others

a woman who is unlikely ever to get married

a salve-driver
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someone who makes people work very hard

someone who studies very hard especially when trying to get good examination results (kujon)

a person who is very good at sth

a guinea pig
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a person who is used as a subject in medical or other experiments

a person who is always taking money and things off other people, usually by taking advantage of their generosity or weakness

a wet blanket
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a person who discourages or prevents others from enjoying themselves by being boring and negative towards everything

someone who refuses to change his/her ideas and opinions (usually political ones)

a kerb crawler
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a man who annoys women by following them slowly in a car when they are walking along the street

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