Prepositions: " at, about, against, from, of "

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domyślać się
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guess at
I don't know her exact age; I can only guess at how old she really is.

forget about
She intended to post my letter, but she forgot all about it.

różnią się od
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differ from
How does a frog differ from a toad (ropucha)?

definitely at
Tall people are definitely at an advantage at a football match

pity about
It's pity about poor old Fred: everyone got a Christmas present except him.

próbowałem przeciwko
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tried against
After the war, several people were tried for crimes against humanity

know from
I know from experience that I do my best work early in the morning

martwić się
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worry about
Mrs Dale says her husband neglects(zaniedbywać) her. I don't know what she's worrying about: mine never leaves me alone.

astonished at
i am astonished at the way my students can spend all night at the disco and still remember their prepositions next morning

departure from
On May Day, in startling (zaskakujace) departure from tradition, the President got on a bicycle and rode round Red Square.

ubezpieczania od
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insure against
It is possible to insure yourself against nuclear attack?

reklamacja/ narzekać
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complaint about
Today i feel really miserable, because I cannot find anything to complain about.

result from
Resulting from their exhaustive(wyczerpujący) research into the matter, scientists can now confirm that we are all getting older.

sprzedać z zyskiem
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sell at a profit
I bought an old car cheaply, cleaned it up and sold it next day at a profit.

zaszczepiono przeciwko
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inoculated against
Before going to Africa, Grahma had himself inoculated against tetanus(tężec), yellow fever, cholera and typhoid(dur brzuszny). A week later he died on influenza(grypa)

dyskusja na temat
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discussion about
At school today, we had a long discussion about the best way to learn a foreign languages.

buntują się przeciwko
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rebel against
The best reason for having strict rules at school is that it gives the pupils something to rebel against when they are older.

zniechęcać do
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discourage from
Ho can I discourage my boyfriend from trying to kiss me all the time? Eat plenty of garlic.

mieć na celu
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aim at the target
Raise the gun to your shoulder, aim at the target, and try not to kill anyone.

przestępstwo/obraza przeciwko
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offence against
Picking your nose in public is not illegal, but it is certainly an offense against good manners

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