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he, found out, tom's father
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He found out that he's Tom's father

to be interrogated
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Ben was interrogated by detective

She persuaded him to agree for lie detector

They bumped into us from behind

bump into, stronger
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Ben bumped into Scott and beat him but Scott was stronger

I'm not easily persuaded

persuade friend, school
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She persuaded his friend to go back to school

couldn't be persuaded
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She couldn't be persuaded to go

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It's very difficult interrogation

pregnancy and pregnant
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She's pregnant and pregnancy is the most beautiful moment in life

first not good in the club but...
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First in the club was not good but it got better

tissue usually is used for cleaning

need tissue for
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We need a tissue for cleaning desk

threaten and gun
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The mugger threatened him with a gun

threatened, at the end
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Ben was threatened by Scott at the end of the episode

Threat, ingore, right
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She ignored their threats and continued to do what she felt was right

Photos from...
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Photos of crime scene - Photos from crime scene

find it strange
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Don't you find it strange? I find it strange

New application?
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Is there a new application?

Don't you fed up with vodka and travelling?

first person Who...
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Ypu'll be the first person to know that I'm disapointed with you

try to, strangle
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He tried to strangle him but her sister showed up

There was a leak in the lab

Ben had an affair with Jess

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