ESL Podcast 10 - Relaxing, the Mail, and the Trash

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relaksować się
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to chill out
He chills out by listening to his favorite jazz CD and drinking a glass of wine

national news
Did you know that the flooding in this area was on the national news last night? It must be more serious than I thought.

I heard in yesterday’s newscast that price of beef will probably go up in the next few months.

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to sort through
The team thought of many great ideas during the meeting. Now they need to sort though them and select the best ones.

junk mail
I never give my address to companies but I still get a lot of junk mail.

When I saw the phone bill for this month, I knew that there was a mistake. I never called Peru!

The soccer club put fliers all over the school to let people know when its next meeting would be.

During the summer, their house gets really hot so they usually sit on the front stoop and drink lemonade in the evenings.

His grandparents always send him Christmas packages that are full of cookies and gifts.

kartkować, szybko przeglądać np gazete
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to thumb through
As I was thumbing through the magazine, I was surprised to see an article written by my cousin.

He loves reading novels, but his wife only reads biographies.

dzień wywozu śmieci
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trash day
I’m glad tomorrow is trash day since we have so much trash from moving over the weekend.

After the party, her parents were shocked to see how much garbage people had left on the floor.

Does this city have good plastic and glass recycling programs?

pojemnik na śmieci
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trash container
Last night some dogs opened the trash containers and now there is garbage all over the street.

garbage trucks
I don’t like driving behind garbage trucks because they are very slow and they smell bad.

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